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Jan 01, 2007 05:58 AM
by carlosaveline

I will list below in numbered items a few facts on the significance of 2007,  in terms of time cycles related to the theosophical movement.  
1]  HPB indicated at least twice, in her writings,  that 1900  was to be the first year of the Aquarius Age. (1) 
2]  There is an occult cycle of 107 years (2).  Therefore,  the year 2007 marks the close of this first time cycle within t he Aquarius age. 
3] September seems to be  the month which counts for such calculation of ages. (3) 
4] September is also, for instance,   the month when the new year occurs in the Jewish tradition. 
5] The theosophical movement was created in September  1875,  and not in November that year. In November 17th  there was a more public event,  but not the actual creation, which took place in 7 and 8 September. 
6] The United Lodge of Theosophists, ULT, gradually emerged in the period 1906-1909 ;  and the year 1907 is significant in that process.   ULT’s first one hundred years’  cycle is already closing therefore in 2007,  although its completion  will culminate in 18 th February 2009. 
7] In September 1900, the exact month and year of the closing of Pisces Age, the last letter from a Mahatma was received by the movement.  It got to Annie Besant, in London. The letter warned  against,  and anticipated the vast majority of the grave mistakes which Adyar TS should NOT make,  but which it did make anyway, from that moment on.  The full content of the 1900  Letter was not  discovered or published until 1987, during the following “effort of end-of-century”. And it was not revealed by any member of the Adyar TS, whose leaders kept to the policy of supressing its full text.  The task was done by Emmet Small.   
7] If September is the month  that counts such ages, as HPB suggests,   it will be in September 2007 that the first 107 years’ cycle will close.
8] That does not mean anything spectacular should be expected to occur next September.  Such cycles are occult and not external. Their visible effects are gradual and both anticipate or follow actual chronological limits.  In talking about cycles, overlapping is part of  the Law.  “When you have eyes to see, it is already there”.  
A happy new year, Carlos. 
(1) As to this, see: “Collected Writings of H.P.B.”, TPH, India, Volume VIII, p. 174, footnote;  b)  “Secret Doctrine Questions & Answers”,  by Geoffrey Barborka, Wizards Bookshelf, San Diego, USA, 2003, 197 pp., see p. 100;  c) “Ever Onward”, a subtitle in “Notes from an Unpopular Philosopher”, publisheed in  “Lucifer”, September 1888, and “Collected Writings”, H.P. Blavatsky, TPH, 1988, volume 10, p. 97.  
(2) See the last paragraphs of Letter 48 (chronological edition, TPH,  Philippines) –  which is Letter 47 in the non–chronological editions of  “The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett”  (TPH-Adyar or TUP-Pasadena). It’s page 272 in the T.U.P. edition.  
(3) “Ever Onward”, a subtitle in “Notes from an Unpopular Philosopher”, published in  “Collected Writings”, H.P. Blavatsky, TPH, 1988, volume 10, p. 97.  

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