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Re: Theos-World Re BCW online

Jan 01, 2007 04:14 AM
by M K Ramadoss

The decision of Quest should be congratualted. With miniscule of individuals
around the world interested in theosophy/HPB, it is good the material is
available on line. From a practical standpoint, since the material is
available on CD, any kid knows how to make a copy.

mkr ABCD..Z

On 12/31/06, Mark Jaqua <> wrote:
>   Blavatsky Collected Writings back online
> Great that Ton got these back online!
> Also good that TPH granted "permission",
> also, although, truth is that the copyrights
> are very much in doubt, and no permission
> likely necessary at all! (But who can
> hire a lawyer on non-profit matters?)
> ALL Blavatsky's articles are in public
> domain, having been written at least 115+
> years ago. The copyright question would
> be in regard to Boris's work, not Blavatsky,
> etc., etc. 6 volumes were published by
> Boris independently before TPH took over.
> So it is not to be viewed as a great big
> favor by TPH, but at least they decided
> the right thing.
> ULT Finances - Like Cass said, the
> question is that bonafide Theosophical
> organizations should be altruistic in
> their finances also, beyond the necessity
> of just surviving. Its another case of
> people self-hypnotizing themselves in
> the face of imagined authority, and
> not seeing what the real truth is.
> Thank goodness at least Chuck is
> an only child and not Twins!
> - jake j.
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