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Oct 31, 2006 07:56 PM
by ek_carl

Carlos, and Friends,

What you have heard about the Pasadena TS in the US is true.

The Sections of the Pasadena TS, which I have personal regular 
contacts with, are those in Australia, Sweden and Finland. 

In Australia (the Australasian Section), there are two groups. One, 
the largest (between 15 and 20 persons per meetings, and of this 5-6 
are members) are in Melbourne (they meet in their own library). This 
group has two public lectures per month (the second and fourth 
Saturday), and the other one is in Brisbane. They are around five, 
and meet occasionally in one members home. The Section has a 
Newsletter, with four numbers per year, that are both online and 
printed. The Section has not had any publishing activity for many 

In Sweden is there only one study group (they meet once every 
fortnight, between 15 and 20 persons per meetings, and of this 2 are 
members) left, and this one is in Gothenburg. The Swedish Section 
publishes a magazine with four numbers per year, called "Teosofisk 
Forum". This is not as the other Pasadena publications, a translated 
version of Sunrise. It has its own profile, and in that matter very 
rare. The Theosophical Library in Stockholm was closed last year, 
together with the publishing company (the last book stock was given 
away for some six months ago to the Theosophy Company in Malmö).

The Finish Section exists only on the paper today. There have been 
no activities, for many years. 

One the other hand, so are the British Section probably the 
strongest one today, and the only one with active members under 50 
(sic!). But I know one in person in Sweden, so one can find a few 
others. Please don't take this as a joke, it is the cold fact.

I have visit Pasadena groups/branches in seven countries, and know 
that the biggest problem within the Pasadena TS today, is that the 
average age of its members are around 75, but they are also very 
few. It is often only one or two person within the whole sections 
that carries out more or less all the work. The HQ knows very well 
that this doesn't go any more, and Rand Grubb has said that he plans 
to reorganize the whole Society, but has not said yet what he is 
going to do. 

This is really sad!

The Point Loma groups are to be found in Germany and the Netherlands 
(seven groups which I know about). The most of them are very small, 
and some of them have problems with, sorry to call it that, "sect 
tendencies". Their "Leader" is the "one and only true Leader of the 
whole Theosophical Movement", and can therefore have problems with 
their contacts with "outsider". I had contact last year with one of 
this "Leaders", and I noticed this very well. But in Germany the 
T.S. in Germany (HQ in Berlin), which was founded by Dr. Franz 
Hartmann in 1897, is still quit strong and active in many places 
(the so called "Hübbe-Schleiden-society" was united whit this in 
1969), and the strongest TS, more or less the same "size" as Adyar 
TS, in Germany. I have a list of the different theosophical 
societies and groups that are active today in Germany and the 
Netherlands, which I made when I was living in Germany last year. If 
anyone is interested, please tell me and I will post it here. 


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<carlosaveline@...> wrote:
> Friends,
> I hear that only a small number of Pasadena TS groups are still 
really active in the USA. 
> Can anyone confirm that?  And what about Pasadena groups outside 
the USA?
> And Point Loma groups? I thought the diversity in the movement was 
much better and that Pasadena was much stronger.  At least, their 
Theosophical University Press is strong -- that IS something. 
> I know Adyar TS is also innerly weak in a number of countries. 
> I believe, nay, I am sure the movement's weakness is seasonal,  
and it in fact prepares a new effort.
> Regards,  Carlos.
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