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are these theosophical?

Oct 31, 2006 04:51 PM
by Gary Barnhart

October 31, 2006
Re: more questions and information on the Liberal Catholic Churches

Prior to looking at the following information it may serve well if the fine statement made by H.P.Blavatsy in the introduction to Volume II of Isis Unveiled be acknowledged:
"Were it possible,we would keep this work out of the hands of many Christians whom its perusal would not benefit, and for whom it was not written.  We allude to those whose faith in their respective churches is pure and sincere, and those whose sinless lives reflect the glorious example of that prophet of Nazareth,.........."

Among the three or so major "Liberal Catholic Churches" greatly aided by Leadbeater and Besant, and still flourishing today it may serve to examine some things about them.  If you are a serious and sincere student of theosophy as taught within and by H.P.Blavatsky's writings you will notice apparent contradictions.  If you have not done serious studies and made effort than that is still yours to look into as I personally think from experience that to hand everything to students on a silver spoon is an impairment to a student's development.  This is not meant as harsh, only realistic.

Various creeds are still optionally within the several Liberal Catholic Churches. The word several is used in order to acknowledge the splits that have taken place.
Make your own discernments?

Do they use creeds? What about the Nicene and Apostles Creeds? see doctrine

What is the Nicene creed? and the apostles creed?

Even theosophical teachings are optional and adherence to reincarnation and Karma is optional in some. What does this say to you and about this liberality?

Make your own discernments!

What about "apostolic succession" ?

What about services and "exorcism of evil out of infants"?

Is the Theosophical Society headquartered in Adyar and the Liberal Catholic Church intertwined?  See the various authors.

Does this liberal catholic church teach reincarnation: NO, see end of the site page

There is more but this is plenty for now.

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