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Dear Carlos & his Question about "Daniel Working with Algeo?"

Oct 31, 2006 11:45 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Carlos, you wrote:

I hope you will reveal to us what are the reasons for you to 
quote "someone's attic in 2001" against Robert Crosbie while ignoring 
G. Tillett's well-documented FACTS about Adyar and Leadbeater's false 
rites and ritualisms.

Might that reason be some sort of political/editorial project in 
common with the 33 Masonic Bishop John Algeo, by any chance? Or the 

I will thank you for sharing the facts with us and am sure you will 
honestly clarify the issue. :)

Thanks Carlos for making suggestions that I am somehow involved in 
ways with Wheaton or Dr. Algeo that I don't even know about.

Now one item at a time:

(1) I actually quoted Dr. Gregory Tillett and not someone's attic.

(2) See my latest posting on my "ignoring" Besant/Leadbeater material 

(3) Now as to your apparent insinuations about some plot between me 
and Dr. Algeo and the TSA:

If I was in charge of the TSA Wheaton/TPH, I would have all 
Blavatsky's Collected Writings online, but alas I am not in charge.

And OBTW if I was in charge of the TS Adyar, I would have all the 
documents on Blavatsky, Judge, Leadbeater and Besant in their 
archives on the World Wide Web, but alas I am not in charge.

If I was in charge of the ULT archives, I would have all of their 
documents on Robert Crosbie on the WWW.  But alas I am not in charge.

etc. etc.

So I can't answer your question(s) about Wheaton or Dr. Algeo since I 
am not privy to all of that --- whatever that might be if indeed it 
might exist outside your own imagination.  :)


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