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Carlos: "....someone else's viewpoints are false...." ??

Oct 31, 2006 10:39 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Carlos, you write:

Political manipulation of quotes to make innuendos is not scientific.

As long as this quotation is not used to suggest that 
someone's "facts" are true and someone else's viewpoints are false, 
the quotation below is OK and useful.

Please tell us what "political" means in this context.  Not clear at 
all.  Vague.

Again the word "scientific".  Why drag this word in when discussing 
this quote from KH?

Also please tell us what "facts" are YOU suggesting are true or false 
and whose "viewpoints are false" or "true"?

In my postings I try to be very careful in citing "facts" and 
viewpoints.  Certainly any of us can make mistakes and I am not above 
making mistakes. I always appreciate when readers point out any 
misstatements I may have made.  But vague statements on such matters 
don't help anyone.  If I have misstated anything, please be specific 
and cite chapter and verse.  That way each reader can determine if 
what you are talking about makes any sense, etc.

I am frankly somewhat surprised by your continual vague replies and 


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