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Carlos on "Daniel's Claims About Carrithers"

Oct 31, 2006 08:07 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Carlos, you write:

Did Carrithers "channel" Robert Crosbie or did he drink something 
before having such a terrible insight?

Or -- did Daniel "channel" Carrithers? This sounds more likely.

No channeling whatsoever.  

Just good historical research by Walter Carrithers.  

Mr. Carrithers did excellent research on the Hodgson-Coulomb 
material and he also did similar research on later claims like 
Leadbeater, Crosbie, etc. He was not a member of any of the existing 
Theosophical groups and was a totally independent student. He 
questioned the claims of all the existing Theosophical groups. 

Some of his findings in this regards will be published in the future.

As regards Mr. Crosbie's claims, we have three historians
who have come to similar findings:

Walter A. Carrithers, Jr., John Cooper and Gregory Tillett.

Notice what Dr. Tilett wrote and confirmed:

"...I was certainly told by several sources that Crosbie
claimed to have left Pt Loma because he asserted he
was in contact with HPB and the Masters, and that
he continued to make this claim thereafter. I can
cite not source for the story, given that my notebooks
are now archived in the attic. I recall talking about
this with John...."

Quoted from:

It would appear that this information was gleaned as Dr.
Tillett researched Crosbie's Dzyan Esoteric School.  

See Dr. Tillett's brief summary of findings about Crosbie's DES at:

SIMILARLY Dr. Tillett also gleaned important information about 
Leadbeater and his claims through many sources.  Some of which was 
published in THE ELDER BROTHER.  This is how historical research 
progresses and Dr. Tillett has discovered even more important 
information about Leadbeater and the Liberal Catholic Church. And I 
hope these further findings will be published in the future.

But go ahead Carlos and ignore the information about Crosbie as Anand 
Gholap ignores the information about Leadbeater.

Remember the motto:  Don't confuse me with facts.


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