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Jake on "Crosbie"

Oct 31, 2006 07:44 AM
by danielhcaldwell


You wrote:

"Caldwell said it a couple of times
in recent posts - said it was Crosbie's
claim, and that he left Pt. Loma
because of it. I don't take it serious and
don't think it matters anyway.

I didn't say Crosbie left Pt. Loma because of it.

Gregory Tillett wrote:

"....I was certainly told by several sources that Crosbie
claimed to have left Pt Loma because he asserted he
was in contact with HPB and the Masters, and that
he continued to make this claim thereafter. I can
cite not source for the story, given that my notebooks
are now archived in the attic. I recall talking about
this with John...."

Quoted from:

Again Jake, when you write:

"I don't take it serious and
don't think it matters anyway."

This is how many Leadbeater students respond when
you point out differences in teachings between
HPB and CWL, when you point out things like that
Leadbeater was born 1854, not 1847, etc. etc.

It's the perfect way to deal with the information.  Just
say "I don't think it matters anyway."

Either ignore the information or distract.... almost always
the one response or the other .... it seems.

I believe the "ignore" response is how most Adyar TS students have
dealt with Gregory Tillett's findings about Leadbeater in his book


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