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BCW Permissions

Oct 31, 2006 05:48 AM
by Mark Jaqua

BCW online and "Permissions"

Dan says that the Blavatsky Collected 
Writings online, were put there without 
permission of Quest & Theosophical Publishing 
House. I say skrew 'em. They've had them 
for up to 40 yrs (the original vols. were 
published independently by Zirkoff) and 
that's long enough.  They certainly don't 
care much about publishing rights - unless 
its their own - as can be seen by Algeo 
stealing and plagiarizing perhaps the whole 
of John Cooper's editorial work on Vol. I 
of "HPB Letters."  The work is de Zirkoff's 
- not Quest's.  One wonders why the largest 
TS - Wheaton/Adyar - has to go Outside 
their own largest organization to get any 
quality scholars - de Zirkoff and Barborka, 
for instance, were both Point Loma people.  
A good question is - since groups like 
ULT and Pasadena have put all their 
literature online - why hasn't Quest/Wheaton 
done the same thing?  The work on the 
BCW CD (a good thing!) is the work of 
another nearly Independent in the Phillipines 
- Vincent Hao Chin (?).  Always work by 
independents - which Wheaton scarfs up!

   Plain txt BCW on line at:

   Three cheers for Hartog!

              - jaqua


<7. HPB's Collected Writings Online:  UPDATE
    Posted by: "danielhcaldwell" 
    Date: Mon Oct 30, 2006 8:33 pm (PST)

<Sometime ago on Theos-Talk, I pointed
out that the 15 volumes of HPBs Collected Writings
now online on the following site in the Netherlands.

<It now appears that the website had not actually got
permission of Quest Books/Theosophical Publishing
House (Wheaton, Illinois) to put all of this material

<At the above link, one can read a brief statement 
about this from the website's owner.

<This is an unfortunate turn of events but I am
surprised that this project was undertaken without
prior consultation and obtaining approval from Quest

<Nevertheless, Quest Books sells the 14 volumes of the
COLLECTED WRITINGS on an inexpensive CD-ROM.


<for a link about the CD-ROM.


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