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Crosbie, Holocost

Oct 31, 2006 05:15 AM
by Mark Jaqua

Crosbie, Holocost
Carlos wrote:
<Who said, please, that Robert Crosbie 
had any 'contact with HPB' after her 
death?  Where is any such statement 
about R. Crosbie?>
    Caldwell said it a couple of times 
in recent posts - said it was Crosbie's 
claim, and that he left Pt. Loma 
because of it.  I don't take it serious and
don't think it matters anyway.  
   Thanks to Leon Maurer for the valuable 
first-hand information below on the holocost, 
gas chambers, etc.  Its good amunition 
against the anti-holocost crazies like 
Frank and his cronies.
             - jake j.
  Leon Writes:
  Actually, there actually were gas 
chambers and crematoria in the Nazi 
concentration camps during WW2.   
Pictures of these camps taken by 
American soldiers who liberated most 
of them in Germany were in my possession 
in 1945 -- since I maintained and 
operated the intact Technical University's 
photo laboratory in Darmstadt, where front 
line soldiers sent their personal rolls 
of film for development, along with photos 
taken by official Army MI historical 
photographers (of which I was one, assigned 
to the 927 Separate Signal Battalion serving 
as roving telephone and radio liaison 
between front line infantry divisions and 
Tactical Air Command HQ during all the 
battles from N. Africa, through 
Sicily, Italy, France, to Germany).   
This Battalion also maintained 
communication linkages between military 
HQ in Paris, each field army HQs, and 
Washington, for high level command 
discussions of overall military and 
occupational tactics.   Having top secret 
MI clearance, and assigned to maintain 
telephone line security during those 
conferences, I was privy to most intelligent 
reports coming in from secret operatives 
deep in enemy territory reporting on these 
camps, and other disclosures of captured 
German SS records, some of which later 
showed up at the Nuremberg trials.
Blown up copies of all of those personal 
pictures, along with other photos of the 
camps taken by the official MI historical 
photographers were later taken back to 
the US by me after I was discharged (against 
orders from Washington earlier not to 
release them, since, I suspected then and 
know now that they were already forming 
a cozy deal with the former Nazi scientists) 
-- and turned over to the Federation of 
Jewish charities to be used for their fund 
raising drive to obtain money to help 
liberate the Jewish refugees from British 
internment on Cyprus and transport them 
to Palestine. These pictures were also 
distributed to the news bureaus, and 
along with others later released by the 
military, showed up in public print 
throughout the US during 1946.   
The original prints were eventually lost, 
but I still have copies of them in a small 
pamphlet printed by the fund raisers (with,   
on its front cover, my picture in uniform 
standing in front of the Darmstadt University 
entrance under its eagle and swastika facade 
broken by tank gunfire).   
Since I have first hand information of 
the holocaust and its victims as shown 
in these horrific photos, as well as 
intelligence reports of them read by me 
at the time, most of what Frank has been 
negatively saying about the holocaust and 
the Jews are pure Neo Nazi propaganda -- 
apparently, to justify their still vicious 
Anti Semitism and obscure the facts of the 
"final solution to the Jewish problem" 
carried out by Heinrich Himmler on orders 
from Adolph Hitler.   
It's no wonder the German government has 
taken such a hard line to repress the 
activities of these snakes in the grass, 
that try to cover up or deny the real 
historical records while fomenting a 
continued anti Semitism based on forged 
documents and falsified information.
Leon Maurer
  For more information on concentration 
camp photos and other horrors of the 
holocaust, as well as arguments and 
counter arguments on holocaust denial 
-- so as to decide for yourself what is 
propaganda and what is not -- check 
...and more

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