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Oct 31, 2006 05:02 AM
by carlosaveline

Adelasie, Friends, 

See this again,  please, with a few mispellings corrected, and a couple of expanded concepts or ideas.


 You say:
"Is it possible that applying discernment in our daily lives has to do 
 with our own behavior, not that of others?"
Yes, mainly with our own behaviour; but that does not deny the open dialogue among people, or the defence of the founders of the movement against traitors, slanderers and professional liars of various kinds. I hope you agree with that. 
Adelasie, you say below it is not good to criticize anyone. This is sure the reason why you are NOT criticizinge me!!! Not even in between the lines and in a shy, delicate style! 
Thanks. Yet HPB and Jesus in the New Testament,  St. Francis of Assisi,  and every messenger minor or greater, as every aspirant, did question dogmas, "spiritual" bureaucracies and the like!
You know Jesus was rather a warrior. An un comfortable one, like many of his disciples along the centuries. 
 And -- do you happen to know why thousands of Buddhists were killed by the Noble Hindus in India in the first centuries after Buddha? They were 'politically uncomfortable' ...  

Examples of such facts abound in almost every tradition.  And the Tibetan Buddhism is not the one which is free from hypocrisy. 

Far from that -- ask the Dalai Lama about this.   In his recent visit to Brazil (April 2006) he directly denounced the hypocrites in the 'reserved' meeting with Buddhist priests and 'teachers of the Dharma'  in Brazil. The Dalai Lama did this with no half-words. A candid  report about that may soon come to public light around here.    
 Regards, Carlos. 


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