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If One Can Question Statements ....

Oct 30, 2006 08:55 AM
by danielhcaldwell

If one can question statements made by or about Mrs. Besant, Mr. 
Leadbeater, Mrs. Tingley, Mrs. Bailey, etc., then why not statements 
by or about Mr. Crosbie also?

All of the above individuals may have been sincere in their 
pronouncements but all of them or some of them may have been also 
wrong and/or deluded.

I would suggest that the thoughtful independent student who wants to 
think thru the issues for himself (herself) and not just naively 
accept what any theosophical group might promote, would  carefully 
consider all of this. Whether he can come to any certain decision or 
not is left for each student to decide.

If the ULT in its archives has relevant documents that will
throw additional light on this subject concerning Mr. Crosbie, then I 
encourage the ULT to release those documents for independent 

I applaud Carlos' call for the Adyar TS to release documents that 
would throw additional light on the Judge case. 

Other archives should be encouraged to follow suit by allowing 
researchers and students to have access to all relevant documents 
concerning Judge, Tingley and Crosbie.

No present day student who truly believes in the motto: "There is no
religion higher than Truth" could possibly object to or fear the
release of all relevant documents which will allow seekers of truth
to understand better these historical events and what was true or not 

For more background, see:


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