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Involving Crosbie

Oct 30, 2006 04:43 AM
by cardosoaveline


Who said, please, that Robert Crosbie had any 'contact with HPB' 
after her death?  Where is any such statement about R. Crosbie? 

Regards,   Carlos. 

--- In, Mark Jaqua <proto37@...> wrote:
> HPB's Spook, New HPB Manuscript
>     As far as Crosby or anyone else 
> communicating with Blavatsky after she 
> died, She said she wouldn't be in 
> communication with anyone.  She wrote the 
> following to Sinnett:
>     ".... I tell you I am very very sick. 
> Yes, I wish I could see you once more 
> and dear Mr. Gordon and my old Colonel 
> whose 'Grandmother' I may meet in some 
> of the lower hells whither I will go - 
> unless I am picked up by _Them_ and made 
> to stick in Tibet. .... I hope Mrs. Gordon 
> will not dishonour [me] by _evoking_ me 
> with some medium.  Let her rest assured 
> that it will never be my spirit nor 
> anything of me - not even _my shell_ 
> since this is gone long ago." ("Blav 
> Letters to Sinnett," pp. 37-38, from Ryan)
>      As far as "who was really the 
> successors of HPB?" - Crosby, Tingley, 
> or Mo the Schmo from Padooka.  Back when 
> it was a question wether Theosophy would 
> survive at all, and the paranoia of it 
> all, there doubtless was a battle - But 
> now for the most part it is a dead horse.  
> There's few that still think nothing good 
> can come out of a different tradition.
>    At Adyar recently and old trunk was 
> discovered buried under a pile of lumber 
> in a shed.  In it was a manuscript believed 
> to be in HPB's handwriting.  It is 
> transcribed as follows:
>         "..... &%##@! (expletive deleted) 
> Madame C.!  I've told you a hundred times, 
> don't put the trash out at night!  The 
> monkeys are tearing it up and spreading 
> it all over the compound!!  - Helena"
>        Seven committees on 3 continents, 
> and several handwriting experts have 
> been called in to examine and verify 
> this new bit of esoterica.  A conference 
> will be called in the Fall, and papers 
> shortly published! [Mumbai news service, AP]
>        - jake j.
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