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Theosophy as Real Life

Oct 29, 2006 08:10 AM
by adelasie


It appears I may have offended you by using the word "arrogant" in my 

last post. Let me hasten to assure you that my comments are not meant 

to apply to you or anyone else personally. We are all students 
together, and it is always useful to remember that we do not see 
faults in others unless we have them in ourselves. We could also 
remember that the honorable and admirable qualities we see in others 
also reside within us. We can only perceive that which is part of us.

We are all travelling the path to enlightenment, evolving embodied 
consciousnesses, if you will, attempting to embrace and become that 
which we admire and emulate. Perhaps you and I do not have the same 
view at any moment from our respective paths, but that is to be 
expected. My comments are an attempt to share my view, not as the 
only view possible, but as one of the infinite possibilites. 

It seems to me that the enhanced communication supplied by a list 
such as this one can be a tremendous asset to the student of 
occultism. We have access to a vastly increased number of other 
students, with whom we can share points of view, learning so much 
about our human experience in general and our particular role 

It is interesting to delve a bit into the use of the sacred creative 
fire in the form of electricity that enables us to have a window on 
the whole world in a way that is unique in history, as far as we 
know. It  suggests a level of responsibility, not only for ourselves 
(a central facet of theosophical philosophy) but also for others, 
that we use this sacred fire to represent who we are and what we know 

to countless unknown watchers. It behooves us to remember that there 
are no little things, that everything matters, every thought, word 
and deed. We never know when the last straw is added to the pile that 

overbalances it and changes everything. 

We know that humanity is at a cross roads in our evolution. We can 
make great advances in this cycle, or we can sink back into more eons 

of ignorance and selfishness. We have a great opportunity to make a 
difference. As a teacher of mine often says, "Constant change is here 

to stay."


On 29 Oct 2006 at 8:58, carlosaveline wrote:

> Adelasie,
> It would be arrogant, or simply unintelligent,  to ignore the example
given by HPB of using both brain hemispheres and combining 'viveka',
discernment, with devotion and higher intuition. 
> Her pedagogy is not limited to "high initiates".  It is public. It is
for the public. It is available to each and all of us. 
> The Catholic priests (Liberal or otherwise) also say that the universal
brotherhood and other teachings are "impossible to live" -- hence 
they use
rituals and other top-down structures to control the masses.
> Take care and make sure you do not say that "living Theosophy" or "using
both discernment and intuitiion" is but for high initiates --  for 
starts hypocrisy which leads to priesthood.  
> There is a false humbleness in saying --  "we are not high initiates, we
cannot compare ourselves with HPB;  therefore we do not need to live
> If you can't live Theosophy and can't combine diversity and unity,
what's the use of Theosophy for you?  It is a facade for something 
Is it a facade for some rite or  ritual in a " stone Temple"? 
> HPB wrote the only real temple is within one's heart and mind, and outer
temples are but a lack of respect for the SACRED.  As she wrote that, 
was quoting the New Testament. 
> Regards,  Carlos. 


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