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HPBs Spook, New HPB Manuscript

Oct 29, 2006 07:38 AM
by Mark Jaqua

HPB's Spook, New HPB Manuscript
    As far as Crosby or anyone else 
communicating with Blavatsky after she 
died, She said she wouldn't be in 
communication with anyone.  She wrote the 
following to Sinnett:
    ".... I tell you I am very very sick. 
Yes, I wish I could see you once more 
and dear Mr. Gordon and my old Colonel 
whose 'Grandmother' I may meet in some 
of the lower hells whither I will go - 
unless I am picked up by _Them_ and made 
to stick in Tibet. .... I hope Mrs. Gordon 
will not dishonour [me] by _evoking_ me 
with some medium.  Let her rest assured 
that it will never be my spirit nor 
anything of me - not even _my shell_ 
since this is gone long ago." ("Blav 
Letters to Sinnett," pp. 37-38, from Ryan)
     As far as "who was really the 
successors of HPB?" - Crosby, Tingley, 
or Mo the Schmo from Padooka.  Back when 
it was a question wether Theosophy would 
survive at all, and the paranoia of it 
all, there doubtless was a battle - But 
now for the most part it is a dead horse.  
There's few that still think nothing good 
can come out of a different tradition.
   At Adyar recently and old trunk was 
discovered buried under a pile of lumber 
in a shed.  In it was a manuscript believed 
to be in HPB's handwriting.  It is 
transcribed as follows:
        "..... &%##@! (expletive deleted) 
Madame C.!  I've told you a hundred times, 
don't put the trash out at night!  The 
monkeys are tearing it up and spreading 
it all over the compound!!  - Helena"
       Seven committees on 3 continents, 
and several handwriting experts have 
been called in to examine and verify 
this new bit of esoterica.  A conference 
will be called in the Fall, and papers 
shortly published! [Mumbai news service, AP]
       - jake j.

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