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Sunday Oct 29

Oct 28, 2006 03:03 PM
by carlosaveline


Thanks a lot. 

This is the point I was just trying to make. 

HPB taught us and gave us the elements to see the difference between light and shadow, or truth and dogma.

Acritical idealizations deny that.  Hatred is the other extreme to be avoided. 

Regards,   Carlos. 


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> Quote for Sunday, Oct 29
> "And that no one that makes this search 
> may suppose that we Theosophists send 
> him to a place where there are no pitfalls 
> for the unwarry, I quote from the famous 
> _Commentary on the Bhagavad-Gita_ of our 
> brother Hurrychund Chintamon, the 
> unqualified admission that 'In Hindostan, 
> as in England, there are doctrines for 
> the learned and the dogmas for the 
> unlearned; strong meat for men, and 
> milk for babes; facts for the few, and 
> fictions for the many; realities for 
> the wise, and romances for the simple; 
> esoteric truth for the philosopher, 
> and exoteric fable for the fool.' Like 
> the philosophy taught by this author 
> in the work in question, the object 
> of the Theosophical Society 'is the 
> cleansing of Spiritual truth.'" 
> - HPB (BCW I, p. 306)
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