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RE: Queer Question -- sex-aberrations

Oct 28, 2006 04:41 AM
by Raul

In Cyril Scott's "The Initiate In The New World" he relates some of 
the discourses that his 'Master' (a character named Justin Moreward 
Haig) gave to his chelas.  I myself find the dialogs attributed to 
this Master very full of wisdom (I highly recommend the trilogy).  
I'd like to share a passage from the book mentioned; from a chapter 
where the Master is speaking about sex.  Late in the chapter the 
Master addresses what he (or Scott) termed "sex-aberrations." 

"And now as we are on the subject of sex, I should like to add a few 
words relating to sex-aberrations. These have, as you know, engaged 
the attention of the psycho-analyst, but only the occultist, I 
think, touches the root of the matter, and in so doing, helps to 
dispel the pronounced spirit of intolerance which is directed 
towards them. For strange though it may seem, sex-aberrations are 
not of necessity a sign of utter depravity; they are often the 
result of an attempt on the part of the Higher Self to conquer the 
sex-desire altogether. This is sometimes the case with those who 
have developed their mental body before their astral, or where the 
soul is, as it were, trying to progress too quickly for the 
unmanageable physical body which it inhabits. You may of course 
think that the method is a very peculiar one, yet it is more its 
manifestation on the physical plane which works out peculiar, rather 
than the the method itself.  Let us take an example from Nature. 
Supposing you stand a board up on its side across a flowing stream, 
what happens? The water, prevented from taking its usual course, 
rushes off into numerous little side-streams, which may run for 
quite a distance in all directions. It is very much the same with 
the sex-force. The result of trying to damn it up, is that it goes 
off into a variety of side-channels which are apparently as far 
removed from the normal sexuality as are the numerous little 
outflowing tributaries from the stream's ordinary course. And so if 
you can realize this fact when you come across people with sexual 
aberrations and teach others to realize it too, you will help 
mankind towards the attainment of a greater charitableness instead 
of that feeling of disgust, contempt and repulsion which they 
usually show towards abnormalities which they fail to understand. Of 
course as a rule the people themselves who are abnormal in this 
respect, do not realize what their egos are trying to accomplish, 
but that does not alter the fact itself.  Here again, by the way, 
your own occult knowledge may prove of great help. I once heard of 
an unfortunate boy who committed suicide on account of one of these 
abnormalities. He was an idealist along spiritual lines and had been 
a monk in a previous incarnation. If someone with occult knowledge 
could have told him the reason underlying his sexual aberration, he 
could have been saved; for it was just the overwhelming shame 
occasioned by the conflict between his ideals and his desires which 
caused him to abandon his body.
"Again, these abnormalities are sometimes to be accounted for by the 
fact that the soul which in itself is sexless, inhabits on the 
physical plane a body of either male or female; and if by chance a 
man has been a woman in his last incarnation, or vice versa, the 
tendency may be retained to repeat the sexual trend of that last 
life, regardless of the difference in the present physical body. 
Such persons cannot be cured by penal methods, but only by psycho-
therapeutical treatment of a very specific kind.
"And so you see, even in a question like this, it is mainly a matter 
of looking deep enough; and those who are in a position to do this, 
should help those who are not. Knowledge is power, but never forget 
that that power should be used for others, and not for oneself. The 
more highly evolved we grow, the more we can feel for the 
difficulties, vices and passions of our fellows..."

Raul G.

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