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Re: Theos-World Carlos & His "Neonazi Party" Distractions

Oct 28, 2006 00:46 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

clear up any misunderstandings is a good think.
I wonder why you know that your views are the very opposite of my views since I can't remember to have exchanged views with you, because I can have no view on that topic as I was since then unable to find facts like photos or contemporary serious reports.

My theosophical point is that the Holo is promoted by secret powers as the new world religion and the question is whether believe or knowledge gets the upper hand since any scientific research on WWII and Holo is forbidden and scientists are persecuted and jailed. Everyone is forced to blindly believe in the most silly propaganda, even in cases of violation of logic and laws of nature. In other words we are forced to commit mental suicide and regard every dogma of the new, most violent and fanatical religion.

Many sane Jews, of which I spoke some of them, hold the same view. I just read the September issue of the jewish "eigentuemlich frei" magazine in which the editor Rosenbaum  complains the persecution of all non-jewish researchers and the suppression of facts and researches, which are a sign of dictatorship and not of democracy.

The installation of warfare propaganda into school books and university curricula without permission of thinking and researching is an atmosphere were no theosophy or Theosophy will have a place.

I kindly appeal to your discrimination power and not to fall into a jesuitic trap (keep in mind that my topic was Sambhala).

Don't you see that the new inquisition gives you today names if you question their dogmas and ask for a photo of a gas chamber, being persecuted, loose your job, being jailed, while at the same time Jewish researchers like Gitty Sereny or Fritjof Meyer etc. can write that there were no such gas chambers and get no troubles - that this double standard which also exists in the Theosophical Movement, but has not yet the monopoly in and about the TM, is the biggest danger we Theosophists, who are pledged to speak out and fight for the truth against lie and hypocrisy and cant, ever had to face?

If this generation fails, the dark powers which claim to support Jewry but are the biggest enemies of the Jews, will win the battle and erect the kali yuga again.
I am sure you know that we were in exact the same situation on Atlantis and that we are in danger not to learn our lesson which could soon lead into the complete destruction of the whole Western civilization. Theosophists should not stand besides and support the powers of destruction. Theosophist should work with nature and support brotherhood without any distinctions.

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Subject: Theos-World Carlos & His "Neonazi Party" Distractions

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I'm curious. Why would I want to even consider
"joining the 'parade colonels' Neonazi Party"?

Exactly what organization is that?? :)

Over the years on Theos-Talk, I believe I have posted
more than enough material to show that my own views
about Hitler, WWII, Nazis, the Holocaust, etc. are 
virtually the very opposite of Frank's views.

Below is just a sampling of some of my postings to Frank in
previous years.

Hitler, Nazism, the Holocaust, Holocaust Denial, Anti-Semitism,

The Holocaust lie - The Truth is on the March

Re: The Holocaust and Holocaust Denial: Overviews

Frank on "dead letter-interpretations"

etc. etc.

Also thanks for your distractions. They provide opportunities
to clear up any misunderstandings.


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