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Re: Theos-World Frank on ULT denying occult succession.....

Oct 28, 2006 00:16 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

thanks for this interesting info, which was unknown to me, as I have not this sources.
I had in mind my former theos-talks with one ULT student who explained that only HPB was a messenger of the masters and even WQJ was not.
That implies that even long term ULT students can be unaware of the ULT claims that Crosbie had an official post from the Masters.

As I read your reply I was reminded that I have forgotten to underline the fact that you are at present and since a longer time the only HPB student in spirit on theos-talk who has the energy and a brack ness to defend HPB:. even against the most silly pseudo arguments from Theravada theosophists (with small t). I am at present reading Bruno Bauer and Karl Marx about their criticism of what they called "jewish jesuitism". In the last month people within the Theosophical Movements raised their voice against the spirit of HPB and WQJ, but claim at the same time that in doing so they speak in their names. That are the moments when I wonder if the Theosophical Movement is under control of powers HPB and WQJ were fighting against and wathces carefully, whether some remaining Theosophist (with big t) will be hardy enough to speak out the esoteric truth about HPB.


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You write:

"...The reason is that the Adyar school never denied as ULT does, 
that messengers from Shambala will follow HPB in occult succession, 
Adyar only failed to recognize the true messengers and propagated 
false messengers. They have tried and erred and have admitted it and 
that is to be respected. ULT has never tried and erred even more...."
Quoted from: 

Frank, I do think that the ULT (or AT LEAST some of the ULT 
associates or THEOSOPHY editors/writers) did believe that messengers 
followed HPB in succession --- occult or otherwise.

See the following two claims made in the public pages of THEOSOPHY 

". . . Masters' Messengers to the world, the Transmitters of the 
Wisdom-Religion. Among These, and in our own time and country [are]: 
H.P. Blavatsky, William Q. Judge, and Robert Crosbie. . . " 
Theosophy magazine, November 1929.

"Robert Crosbie preserved unbroken the link of the Second [Esoteric] 
Section of the Theosophical Movement from the passing of Mr. Judge in 
1896, and in 1907 - just eleven years later - made that link once 
more Four Square amongst men. In the year 1909 the Third Section was 
restored by the formation of the United Lodge of Theosophists.... 
There is always one Witness on the scene. After the death of Mr. 
Judge, Robert Crosbie kept the link unbroken." Theosophy magazine, 
August, 1919.

Quoted from:

So it would appear that here the claim is made that Robert Crosbie 
was one of Masters' Messengers and that Crosbie kept the ESOTERIC 
LINK unbroken after HPB and Judge died....



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