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Re: Theos-World quote of the .......

Oct 27, 2006 10:53 PM
by samblo

   Hi, I expected a Quote of the day, lol. Well, it was an interesting read, 
too bad it was anonymous as usual. The protocol on the handling and filing was 
interesting. The Mj-12 Documents I have copies of for a long time. The Alien 
that is said to have survived was called "J-Rod" and was held for 12 years if 
I remember right in a level five laboratory at the Plantation. A Dr. Daniel 
Burisch was supposed to have worked directly with J-Rod. Some of the mentioned 
items were in Books authored in the last 30 years.  I even have a Windows Paint 
Drawing I made of what we saw from Keys View in Joshua national Monument one 
night in 1978, a Saturn cigar Craft landed ion the desert floor. The "Yellow 
Book" is the "Yellow Bible" that Bob Lazar claimed to have been shown at the 
Plantation, there was an online website that had a full copy for download some 
time back, don't know if it is still around. I have a recent MUFON Journal sent 
to me by William Hamilton formerly President of Skywatch International if you 
want it let me know I can send as attachment.


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