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From Germany to India

Oct 27, 2006 08:25 AM
by cardosoaveline


Siegelinde Plocki, from Berlin, wrote to Ms. Radha Burnier in India 
and I brought her letter here.

Yet I wrongly mentioned that Sieglinde is a member of the Pasadena 
TS.  In fact, Sieglinde is a member of the "Theosophische 
Gesellschaft, Arbeitskreis Unterlengenhardt", and not Pasadena. She 
is in the Point Loma tradition. 

See below my previous message, corrected, and her letter to Adyar. 

Regards,  Carlos.  

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<carlosaveline@...> wrote:

 Dear Friends,
 German Theosophist  Ms. Sieglinde Plocki  wrote to Ms. Radha 
Burnier, the Adyar TS President,  on behalf of Mr. William Judge. 
 She wrote and sent the letter in German, but she translated it into 
English so that I could bring it to us here.  
 By the way -- Sieglinde Plocki, a member of the Point Loma 
tradition, believes in Democracy and is fully against Hitler & 
 See below her letter to Ms. Radha Burnier.
 Best regards,   Carlos Cardoso Aveline,  from Brazil.
Dear Mrs. 
Berlin, October 21, 2006
> A look to the Website of The Theosophical Society, Adyar, 
confirmed my resolution of writing you.
> Unfortunately, I had to realise that on this Website the co-
founder of the Theosophical Society, William Quan Judge, whom Madame 
Blavatsky called "comrade since eons" is not mentioned there at all. 
Documents and statements of eye witnesses testify this co-
foundership. I suppose the reason for the concealment of his 
important role for the Theosophical Society lies in the fact that 
you still charge him with deceipt and fraud although those 
recriminations during now more than 100 years were never proved.
> Time has come now to restore William Quan Judge's reputation and 
to serve up justice. You, Mrs. Burnier, are holding the key role in 
this case. It is in your hands now to to make good previous 
mischief. This is highly significant in terms of Karma and would 
definitely lead to a strengthening of association and better 
cooperation of all Theosophical Societies, as it would strengthen 
the common basis of our work. I respectfully ask you to bring to 
your mind the importance of your responsibility, as well as the 
great prospects for the future which are in your hands now.
> All evidences in this "Case", were assembled painstakingly and in 
extenso by Ernest Pelletier in his book "The Judge Case". I strongly 
recommend you to study this book and to compare it with your 
archives. Should there be any proof for the charges against Judge, I 
would ask you to open them for historical researchers of other 
Theosophical Societies as well.
> We are living in times of frequent upheavals. Let these changes be 
for good for the Theosophical Societies with the help of justice and 
straightforwardness among Theosophists as well as among Theosophical 
Societies  - justice once and for all for William Quan Judge.
> With best regards, hoping for your understanding
> Sieglinde Plocki
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