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The Voice Within

Oct 27, 2006 06:26 AM
by cardosoaveline

Dear Friends,

Not long ago we were investigating here issues related to contacts 
with Adepts.  Of course, those who do not develop neurotic fancies 
know that visual and `lower quaternary' contacts have ended by the 
end of 19th century.

Yet the `voice of the Master' is available everywhere all the time.  
Such a soundless, wordless voice  is present 'in the wind'; it 
shines in the open air all around those who have ears to listen to 
it.  That listening ability starts to emerge by listening to one's 
own conscience. 

"Light on the Path" says: 

"The voice of the Masters is always in the world; but only those 
hear to it whose ears  are no longer receptive of the sounds which 
affect the personal life." (1) 

As some of you will remember, there is a well-known  aphorism 
in "The Voice of the Silence" which goes further, but there is no 
need to quote it here now.  

The key thing for us  is that one cannot hear the `inner voice' as 
long as there is any `personal agenda'.  

Best regards, 

Carlos Cardoso Aveline 


(1) "Light on the Path", a treatise, written down by M. C., The 
Theosophy Co., Bombay, India, 1991 reprint, 90 pp., see p., 47. 

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