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Another HPB Prediction

Oct 27, 2006 04:58 AM
by Mark Jaqua

Another HPB Prediction proved True

  In Blavatsky's time the predominant view 
of the atom was that it was some sort of 
ultimate, undivisible billiard-ball.  Blavatsky 
said in the Secret Doctrine, that this 
view was wrong, and that the atom was a 
composite of other particles and was was 
"infinitely divisible" - which is obviously 
true as the number of sub-atomic particles 
seems only limited by the ability to detect 
them.  She wrote: 

      "It is on the doctrine of the illusive 
nature of matter, and the infinite divisibility 
of the atom, that the whole science of 
Occultism is built. It opens limitless 
horizons to _substance_ informed by the 
divine breath of its soul in every possible 
state of tenuity, states still undreamt 
of by the most spiritually disposed chemists 
and physicists." (SD I p 520)

    In her time, the electron wasn't 
discovered yet, and she predicted that 
the source of "electricity" was such a 
sub-atomic particle, and probably in a 
more metaphysical meaning, the life-atom, 
or whatever is the basic physical manifestation 
of the phenomenom that causes Life.  She 

      "How do they know that those very 
bodies now called 'elementary atoms'  
are not in their turn compound bodies or 
molecules, which, when analyzed with still 
greater minuteness, may show containing in 
themselves the _real,_ primordial, elementary 
globules, the _gross_ encasement of the still 
finer atom - spark - the spark of LIFE, the 
source of Electricity - MATTER still!" 
(BCW IV p 216)

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