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Re: Theos-World Quote of the day, oct. 26 and it's all Bill's fault

Oct 26, 2006 03:44 PM
by Mauri

 <<"Moral judgements and condemnations constitute the favorite revenge of the spritually limited against those less limited." Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil
Chuck the Heretic>>

 For a start (aside from the topic of what might make for revenge or moral judgements in whatever scenario/sense), I feel that there is no patent (or stone tablet passed on from God,  as far as I know, unless Moses got more tablets than is generally known) on the definition/understanding/interpretation of what is "more" or "less" "spiritual" (such things being rather individually "understood/interpreted," if at all, in bottom-line terms,  or in front-line terms, seems to me---not that some rather orthodox types might not tend to disagree with me), so I'm tending to wonder what FN really had in mind, there.   

^:-/ ...

PS  I seem to occasionally get an urge to scratch my head (like ^) when I get spiritual, among other things.  How do I define "more/less spiritual"?  Speculatively.    

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