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Nazis On Board

Oct 26, 2006 01:50 PM
by carlosaveline



I am glad "SS" Nazis (see below) criticize the ULT.

It would be embarassing to see a fascist saying that  the ULT, or  the Pasadena TS, are OK!  

Regards,   Carlos.


Data:Thu, 26 Oct 2006 14:19:34 +0200

Assunto:Theos-World New Schliemann confirms HPB about Shambala

> Yesterday I heard in Berlin a most interesting 
> Leica High Definition slideshow lecture by the 
> ethnologist Bruno Baumann, who is a private Tibet 
> researcher since many years.
> His latest project was to find out the origin of 
> the Shambala myth, which was made known to the 
> large public in the West by Theosophist Helena 
> Blavatsky in the last quarter of the 19th century.
> It took him twenty years of research and many 
> travels to Transhimalaya, many troubles and 
> obstructions by the Chinese foreign rule.
> On the tracks of Roerich, Grünwedel, Tucci, Hedin 
> and the SS he has now discovered the only lama of 
> a bon monastery, who has survived prison and 
> torture of the Marxist primitive ideology and with 
> him some documents (Tucci has seen in the 1930'ies 
> already a large collection of artefacts and 
> documents of the Shambala religion before Buddhism 
> arrived in Tibet with Padmasambava, which was most 
> likely destroyed during the Chinese "culture 
> revolution".
> Baumann has discovered the mythical Silver Palace 
> in which the Shambala (tib. Shang Shung) myth was 
> treasured. Europe's biggest news weekly DER 
> SPIEGEL praises Baumann for the discovery of 
> physical facts of this myth as a new Schliemann, 
> the famous discoverer of Troj, which was believed 
> by science as being "only a myth" in the false 
> sense that it was but a fiction.
> Baumann has published his discovery in his book: 
> "The Silver Palace of Garuda - The Discovery of 
> Tibet´s Last Secret" (Only available in German), 
> see
> .
> Here is the physical proof of one of HPB's most 
> esoteric topics, the myth of Shambala or Shang 
> Shung or Olmolungring, which also indicates that 
> the Kanjur, Panjur and Kalachakra Tantra are more 
> than fiction and must be regarded as serious 
> traditions worth of careful scientific 
> examination. One step ahead to the Dzyan school?
> Frank
> PS: I have no time to follow theos-talk at 
> present. Sad that those who claim to follow HPB 
> and WQJ are those who in their exoteric 
> dead-letter fanatism are actually those who misuse 
> the name our first two leaders. Sad to read in the 
> latest Fohat magazine such a big dead letter 
> attack against the esoteric aspects of HPB's and 
> WQJ's occult offices and Christian style if not 
> Jesuit style misquotations of HPB against 
> apostolic succession for their alleged support, 
> which just shows that many Theosophists of today 
> just are unaware (even or foremost? those, who 
> have English as their first language!) of HPB's 
> esoteric code language of which they read out just 
> the opposite of her true message.
> HPB's own coded message about her successors as a 
> rebus in form of her lastest photo at 
> proofs clearly the Point Loma school is the only 
> theosophical school which teaches HPB's true 
> message and refutes the Theravada Theosophists 
> which reject HPB's higher teachings if they do not 
> find them in western brain mind language 
> expressed.
> HPB's rebus proofs also that the ULT school is 
> lower than the Adyar school, whose real or unreal 
> mistakes they like to attack, ignoring the beam in 
> their own eye. The reason is that the Adyar school 
> never denied as ULT does, that messengers from 
> Shambala will follow HPB in occult succession, 
> Adyar only failed to recognize the true messengers 
> and propagated false messengers. They have tried 
> and erred and have admitted it and that is to be 
> respected. ULT has never tried and erred even 
> more. They were always cargo worshippers of dead 
> letter and fetish, always fighting against HPB's 
> higher oral esoteric teachings. They follow blind 
> the astral tracks of the early church which 
> attacked and persecuted the Theosophists 
> (gnostics) of their time.
> Will the Theosophical Movement degenerate into a 
> new church?
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