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To Frank: Crosbie claimed Contact with HPB, Judge & Masters

Oct 26, 2006 01:33 PM
by danielhcaldwell


Two of the foremost Theosophical historians of recent times the late 
Walter A. Carrithers, Jr. and the late John Cooper told me years ago 
that Robert Crosbie claimed contact and communication with the "dead" 
HPB, the "dead" WQJ and the Masters.

See BELOW what I wrote 5 years ago on Theos-Talk and Gregory 
Tillett's reply in which he confirms in general what I was told and 
also confirms that he and John Cooper had talked about this same 

In 2001 on Theos-Talk, I wrote Gregory Tillett as follows:

"About 15 years ago Walter A. Carrithers, Jr.
told me that the DES 'officials' (Robert Crosbie,
John Garrigues, Grace Clough and others) claimed
to be in contact and communication with HPB,
WQJ and the Masters. I believe that in a phone
conversation later with John Cooper he also
told me that this was his understanding of
the claims of the above named individuals."

"Gregory, can you confirm these observations and
are there any extant papers that verify what
Walter and John believed was true?"

Quoted from:

Dr. Tillett replied as follows:

"I do not recall the discussions you mention, although
I was certainly told by several sources that Crosbie
claimed to have left Pt Loma because he asserted he
was in contact with HPB and the Masters, and that
he continued to make this claim thereafter. I can
cite not source for the story, given that my notebooks
are now archived in the attic. I recall talking about
this with John, but I do not now recall whether he
mentioned any supporting evidence."

Quoted from:

See also:

Mr. Crosbie "IN TOUCH" with the deceased W.Q. Judge?


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