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New Schliemann confirms HPB about Shambala

Oct 26, 2006 12:12 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Yesterday I heard in Berlin a most interesting 
Leica High Definition slideshow lecture by the 
ethnologist Bruno Baumann, who is a private Tibet 
researcher since many years.
His latest project was to find out the origin of 
the Shambala myth, which was made known to the 
large public in the West by Theosophist Helena 
Blavatsky in the last quarter of the 19th century.
It took him twenty years of research and many 
travels to Transhimalaya, many troubles and 
obstructions by the Chinese foreign rule.

On the tracks of Roerich, Grünwedel, Tucci, Hedin 
and the SS he has now discovered the only lama of 
a bon monastery, who has survived prison and 
torture of the Marxist primitive ideology and with 
him some documents (Tucci has seen in the 1930'ies 
already a large collection of artefacts and 
documents of the Shambala religion before Buddhism 
arrived in Tibet with Padmasambava, which was most 
likely destroyed during the Chinese "culture 

Baumann has discovered the mythical Silver Palace 
in which the Shambala (tib. Shang Shung) myth was 
treasured. Europe's biggest news weekly DER 
SPIEGEL praises Baumann for the discovery of 
physical facts of this myth as a new Schliemann, 
the famous discoverer of Troj, which was believed 
by science as being "only a myth" in the false 
sense that it was but a fiction.
Baumann has published his discovery in his book: 
"The Silver Palace of Garuda - The Discovery of 
Tibet’s Last Secret" (Only available in German), 
see .

Here is the physical proof of one of HPB's most 
esoteric topics, the myth of Shambala or Shang 
Shung or Olmolungring, which also indicates that 
the Kanjur, Panjur and Kalachakra Tantra are more 
than fiction and must be regarded as serious 
traditions worth of careful scientific 
examination. One step ahead to the Dzyan school?


PS: I have no time to follow theos-talk at 
present. Sad that those who claim to follow HPB 
and WQJ are those who in their exoteric 
dead-letter fanatism are actually those who misuse 
the name our first two leaders. Sad to read in the 
latest Fohat magazine such a big dead letter 
attack against the esoteric aspects of HPB's and 
WQJ's occult offices and Christian style if not 
Jesuit style misquotations of HPB against 
apostolic succession for their alleged support, 
which just shows that many Theosophists of today 
just are unaware (even or foremost? those, who 
have English as their first language!) of HPB's 
esoteric code language of which they read out just 
the opposite of her true message.

HPB's own coded message about her successors as a 
rebus in form of her lastest photo at 
proofs clearly the Point Loma school is the only 
theosophical school which teaches HPB's true 
message and refutes the Theravada Theosophists 
which reject HPB's higher teachings if they do not 
find them in western brain mind language 

HPB's rebus proofs also that the ULT school is 
lower than the Adyar school, whose real or unreal 
mistakes they like to attack, ignoring the beam in 
their own eye. The reason is that the Adyar school 
never denied as ULT does, that messengers from 
Shambala will follow HPB in occult succession, 
Adyar only failed to recognize the true messengers 
and propagated false messengers. They have tried 
and erred and have admitted it and that is to be 
respected. ULT has never tried and erred even 
more. They were always cargo worshippers of dead 
letter and fetish, always fighting against HPB's 
higher oral esoteric teachings. They follow blind 
the astral tracks of the early church which 
attacked and persecuted the Theosophists 
(gnostics) of their time.
Will the Theosophical Movement degenerate into a 
new church?


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