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ML prophecy, a theosophical Question

Oct 25, 2006 12:40 PM
by Mark Jaqua

A ML Prophecy, "Queer theosophical question"

    I think you have to make some very 
serious judgements, but that doesn't have 
anything necessarily to do with "hatred," 
although you might start hating if 
things you care about get destroyed.  
Like I said, too, in reference to 
RD's comments - some very FEW have 
the strength to rise above it all.  
Somerset Maughan, who I was told was 
homosexual, wrote a great spiritual book 
in "The Razor's Edge."  The teachers
say somewhere about having to appear
"cold" in their judgements, or for the
sake of practical reality ignore sometimes
merely human sentiment.  If I saw a 
homosexual being persecuted in his common
rights as a human, I'd defend the homo-sexual 
as fast as anybody else. (which doesn't 
include legal "marriage.")

Below is a short article on a prophecy 
in the MLs that came true.  The teacher 
said we would "hear" certain planets before 
we "saw" them - which came true with 
radio-astronomy, which is a sort of 
"hearing" aimed at space instead of 
seeing through a telescope.

              - jake j.


   "Mingled among the visible stars 
in our galaxy and beyond are strange, 
huge objects that cannot be seen and 
might never have been detected if they 
did not make a curious cosmic 'noise.'     
These are the 'radio stars' which emit 
a faint 'hiss'  that is picked up by 
radio receivers." (Life, Nov. 17, 1952.)

This fact was discovered by K.C. Jansky, 
in 1932.  At the present time nearly 
100 of these "radio stars" are known. 

The sun also emits radio waves - a 
steady noise rising to cresendo during 
sunspot crises.  The sound of the sun 
shows six gaseous envelopes besides 
the 1 seen.  The same sound is heard 
also from ordirary stars.

In August, 1932, Theosophy Magazine 
published an excerpt from the Los Angeles 
Times:  (April 24, 1932)


Scientists broadcast for the first time 
tonight what they believed was the sound 
of starlight.

The beam of Venus was picked up from 
the eyepiece of a telescope by a 
photoelectric cell, amplified into a 
microphone and broadcast over a radio 
network.  The sound resembled that of 
a sustained high note from a violin.

The experiment was conducted in the 
general science laboratory of New York 
University by Prof. Albert Sheppard, 
assisted by Dr. E.E. Free.

These recent discoveries are in the 
nature of a prophecy fulfilled, for as 
early as 1882, the Mahatma K.H. wrote 
in a letter to A.P. Sinnett:  

   "Science will hear sounds from certain 
planets before she sees them.  This is 
a prophecy.... (MLs, pp. 169-70, TUP) Not 
all of the Intra-Mercurial planets, nor 
yet those in the orbit of Neptune,** are 
yet discovered, although they are strongly 
suspected.  We know that such exist and 
where they exist;  and that there are 
innumerable planets "burnt out" they say 
- in obscuration we say; - planets in 
formation and not yet luminous, etc.
                - From Theosophical Notes, July, 1953

[[** I believe Pluto, now no longer a "planet" 
discovered in the 1930's, crosses the orbit 
of Neptune, as also do innumerable large asteroids.]]

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