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What Carlos does NOT do.....Concerning the 2 Quotations

Oct 25, 2006 09:16 AM
by danielhcaldwell

It is interesting that Carlos does not deal directly with the 
quotations under consideration and the circumstances under which they 
saw the light in print.

Does Carlos consider these quotations "bogus" and "phoney"?

HADJI ERINN (apparently William Q. Judge, one of the founders of the 
Theosophical Society) writes in THE PATH, August 1889, page 142:

"It has been well said by H.P. Blavatsky that 'each one has a
potential black magician within.'"

See context of quote at:

This statement was made while Mr. Judge was alive and editor of THE 
PATH and also while H.P. Blavatsky was alive and even reading issues 

One would think that if this statement is misleading or bogus or 
false that either Mr. Judge or Madame Blavatsky herself would have 
written something indicating that H.P. Blavatsky NEVER SAID such a 
false thing, etc., etc.

We can look at this time period and see that Madame Blavatsky herself 
was not shy about speaking up and correcting misinformation.

I didn't make this quote up and only found it by accident.  Once 
found, I thought it was certainly RELEVANT to what Julia Ver 
Planck had written just the month before (July 1889) in THE PATH.

On the second page (p. 98) of her lead article, Julia writes:

"What is our present Duty? Hear the words of the Master. 'Judge
the action, not the person. You never know the true motives. Never
judge human nature on its lowest level. Every one has a potential
Dugpa in him.' "

Julia adds a footnote to this quote:

"Dugpa, black magician; one devoted wholly to self. This [quotation
above] and other quotations [later in this same article] are from
the private letters of the Adept."

Let us set the two quotes together:

"Each one has a potential black magician within."

"Every one has a potential Dugpa in him."

Now previously Jake in no uncertain terms declared the second 
quote "pure Dugpa BS" and says it is from a "pseudo-Teacher."

What does he think of the first quote attributed by Judge to Madame 

Is this more "pure Dugpa BS" from a "pseudo-Teacher"??

I would think these are fairly obvious questions that more than one 
person has asked in reading the postings on this subject.

Yet Jake is silent on the matter and Carlos has tried very hard to 
distract and avoid the subject.

That is fine.  That is their right.  But the questions remain.

What if Madame Blavatsky really did say what Mr. Judge attributes to 
her and what if the quote from the Master is really from one of HPB's 
Masters, possibly even transmitted thru H.P. Blavatsky herself?  If 
that is true, how do we understand what Jake has said about the one 
quote being "pure dugpa BS" and from a "pseudo-Teacher"?  

And if Jake, for example, might say that he has the right to come to 
his own views and decisions, then one might compare and contrast this 
to the Prayag Letter where both Col. Olcott and Mrs. Besant 
considered the letter "phoney", "bogus" and not actually from HPB's 
real Master. 

And furthermore and more importantly perhaps, how do these quotations 
and the teachings implied in these two quotations RELATE to other 
Theosophical teachings as given by Mme. Blavatsky and the Masters?

What is the true meaning of these two quotations and how should 
students try to understand them?


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