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Re: [Mind and Brain] Re: The Central Mystery of Quantum Mechanics - where modern and ancient theosophical science meet

Sep 25, 2006 10:47 PM
by leonmaurer

Somewhat true (other than the assumption that my "model includes only 
creation") as I now realize from your further clarification defining your "God."

So, here's how I compare that with my definition of "God."

Apparently, you believe that something can come from nothing, and there is no 
limit to God's creations -- which I can't agree with....   Since, in my 
holographic view (not being able to separate anything from anything else) what is 
now, always was and forever will be... And, it's quite obvious to me, that 
there cannot be a separate "creator" outside of what already IS.   Such a separate 
being could not exist as such unless it or he/she was created from something 
else.   And, if that were the case, it could only lead to an infinite 
regress... Since, we must then ask, "Who or what created the creator?" and "Who 
created that creator creator", etc., ad infinitum.   

Therefore, I'm inclined to believe, as the Buddha said -- (being, himself, 
one with the consciousness of Absolute Space, which, being no "thing" and having 
no objective attributes or sub-stance other than the subjective aspects of 
pure awareness and will, which could not be *created*) -- "Nothing comes from 

I also know this, experientially -- since, in my practice of Rajah Yoga, I 
have been there where he was and felt what he felt when he realized what or who 
he was.   Therefore, I speak from first hand knowledge, and can say that only 
*THAT I AM* or cosmic consciousness could have been the creator of this 
Universe as well as being the source of my own *I am* consciousness as well as the 
individual consciousness -- expressed one way or another -- of everyone and 
everything else.   

Starting from that condition of self realization (which any one of us could 
attain with proper instruction and sufficient practice) I could then logically 
and reasonably deduce the exact process which enabled this universe to be 
impelled by that awakening primal conscious *will* (after resting between this and 
its previous phenomenal cycle of wakeful existence) to expand into the 
physical universe we all experience (from within outward) from its only true center 
-- which is everywhere -- at the individual zero-point of absolute space that 
is within us and every other apparently (outwardly but not inwardly) separate 
field, particle or composite being throughout the Cosmos. 

Incidentally, the binary logic that is behind that process of fractal 
involution and all   subsequent evolution is based on the dual polarity of the twin 
fields that must form within any spherical primary body -- starting from the 
spherical zero-point spinergy as it radiates outwardly and fractally involves 
initially into twin fields within a surrounding field, and continuing in an 
octaval series of dual fields within fields within fields, ad infinitum.   The 
primal root of such duality, of course, being the initial separation and 
distinction between pure subjective spirit or consciousness at the still zero-point, 
and pure objective energy or matter of its surrounding spinergy... This also 
confirms Einstein's statement that energy and its equivalency with mass is 
simply "space in motion." He also said, "God doesn't play dice" -- with reference 
to the quantum theory of indeterminacy and probability.   Implying, that 
everything in the universe can be predetermined in accord with fundamental laws and 
that there is no such thing as chance.

In that light, the only "creator" is that which cannot be created... An 
ineffable "rootless root," or "causeless cause," so to speak... That could only be 
the Absolute zero-point of pure universal Spirit or consciousness (awareness, 
will) accompanied by its inherent abstract motion or infinite angular momentum 
(spinergy) containing infinite knowledge or noumenal information -- out of 
which (i.e., from its proto-Matter or G-force spinergy) this entire objective 
Cosmos radiates, involves and evolves into infinite, ever changing transient 
forms of phenomenal nature in accord with its fundamental law of cycles and 
governed by all its derivative laws of phenomenal Nature.   

This accounts for the so called "God's Paradox" (which is only based on the 
unfounded blind belief in a separate "Creator") -- since what can exist in 
reality are only those "expedient things" whose phenomenal nature conforms with 
the immutable fundamental laws inherent in the zero-point of Absolute Space and 
its accompanying "original spin." :-) 

Thus, *will*, in one sense, can be free -- since the *I AM* awareness (no 
matter what level of phenomenal existence it operates from) can choose between 
one expedient action or another...   But, in a deeper sense, it cannot be free 
-- since there is no way it can impel any action, create, or initiate anything 
that violates the fundamental laws of "God" in either its noumenal or its 
phenomenal Nature.

In other words, whether asleep or awake, passive or active, noumenal or 
phenomenal, not created or created -- the only "God" I can recognize is the 
combined unity of the primal subjective and objective aspects of this Cosmos itself. 

And in conclusion, to set the record straight, my model is neither unary nor 
binary, but actually is based on an initial trinity -- since single or dual 
fields that must originate, radially, from a central zero-point of non linear 
spin, cannot exist independently without being surrounded by an outer 
containment field that must complete a linear three cycle spiral vortex (Mobius path) 
energy flow.   See,


In a message dated 9/25/06 5:43:03 PM, writes:

> With all due respect for your eloquent essays, we are not.
> Your model is unary and mine is binary.
> Your model includes only creation (A). Mine includes A and not-A.
> One of God's attributes is the power to create without limit. However, to
> God all things are possible but not all things are expedient so that takes
> care of the famous paradox (God's Paradox).
> PtP
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> Subject: Re: [Mind and Brain] Re: The Central Mystery of Quantum Mechanics -
> where modern and ancient theosophical science meet
> Dear Piper,
> So, we seem to be talking about the same thing.   You call it "God," and I
> call it the divine omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent conscious force of
> fundamental, Primal, or Absolute Space...   Otherwise known as Perusha and
> Prakriti, Paranishpanna, Paranirvana, Yond-grub, Parabrahman and
> Mulaprakriti. Ayn
> Soph and Adam Qadmon, etc.
> Apparently your piping is in close counterpoint harmony with my string
> plucking. :-)
> Could Pythagorus have put it any better when he called it, "the music of the
> spheres"?
> Leon
> In a message dated 9/24/06 4:58:46 PM, writes:
> > Dear Mr. Maurer:
> >
> >  I will give a standard definition, that God is the Ultimate Creator. I
> > don't think this issue can be resolved by argument but by choice. But a
> > choice can be right or wrong.
> >
> >  Your choice is to say that that all of creation is its own creator. My
> > choice is to say that creation has a Creator.
> >
> >  Individually each of us is a thinker and not the thought. I am, therefore
> > I think. As Oxford scholar Jonathan Glover writes in his book, there is 
> that
> > "ineffable I". Try as you might, you cannot find that "I" and hold it up 
> as
> > you would all those things we create. It is metaphysical and not physical.
> > Each "I" in the scientific world practices "creation science". In the 
> longer
> > term, scientists expect to create worlds and species. We have been here in
> > this world for less than 1% of one 200,000,000yr+ tour of the galactic 
> centre
> > in a universe of billions of years x billions of stars x billions of 
> galaxies.
> > Give us a little more time and what do we not expect to create? We do not
> > expect to create that spiritual identity, that "I".

In a message dated 9/23/06 7:45:11 PM, LeonMaurer writes:

> When you can define what you mean by "God," I can answer both your 
> questions. 
> In this ABC view, however, there is no external God.  And, the universe 
> creates its current (i.e., periodical) metaphysical and physical states of 
> existence all by itself in accord with the fundamental laws built into its 
> pre-constructive or sleeping existence as pure absolute Space and its inherent 
> abstract perpetual motion (of the fundamental original spin containing the total 
> holographically encoded memory of all its previous forms and experiences).
> Therefore, by logical deduction from first principles -- since there cannot 
> be a supernatural, extra spatial "creator" other than the pure consciousness 
> at the absolute zero-point itself -- I, as well as you can say that our 
> unique consciousness (potential individual awareness and will) was there before 
> the beginning or "origin" (of this periodic universal manifestation).  We were 
> there as one of its infinite zero-points that eventually spread out 
> everywhere in each manifestation (like the infinite rays of light radiating outward 
> from a spherical point source)... Each of which involves itself first with a 
> corresponding ray of the primal zero-point spinergy, and then continues to 
> evolve through a long series of transmigration's and incarnations -- from a speck 
> of dust, through the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms, to man... And 
> thence (after enough reincarnations to learn its true nature or lose itself 
> completely, possibly in the dark matter and energy) to an angel, and finally, 
> a God (as said in the Kabbala and implied in all metaphysical philosophies) 
> to ultimately (at the death of this Solar sub universe, so to speak) return to 
> the original source of universal consciousness in the Absolute zero-point of 
> primal beginning... To await another manifestation at a higher level of 
> experiential knowledge and wisdom that none of us could possibly imagine. 
> Obviously, if governed entirely by such fundamental laws of nature based on 
> original spin, there cannot be any discontinuities in universal existence, 
> either on metaphysical or physical levels, throughout its infinite series of 
> periodically limited eternity's.
> To believe otherwise, in the face of such logical reasoning, starting with 
> the absolute emptiness of primal space and its accompanying abstract motion, 
> is pure ignorance that contributes to the insanity's and suffering of human 
> life, -- ever since the beginning of the blindly credulous belief in a personal 
> God, the formation of organized religions based on such ignorance, and the 
> conflicting development of the scientific/technological age we currently live 
> in that has no conscience.
> Leon Maurer
> In a message dated 9/23/06 11:27:42 AM, writes:
> How does this "origin" you refer to differ from "God"? Where were you when 
> God created the universe?
> ==
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> Subject: [Mind and Brain] Re: The Central Mystery of Quantum Mechanics - 
> where modern and ancient theosophical science meet
> The following article by Michael Talbot (author of the book, "The 
> Holographic Universe")... 
> ... Not only justifies the metaphysical Cosmogenesis taught in the Book of 
> Dzyan and the Secret Doctrine, along with Taoist, Hindu and Buddhist esoteric 
> philosophy, but also is clearly explained by the scientifically consistent 
> ABC theory and model -- that considers the origin of all coadunate but not 
> consubstantial holographic fields of consciousness, as an infinite fractal 
> involution and expansion of a singular zero-point source of cosmic force (angular 
> momentum or spinergy spread throughout all absolute space) periodically 
> radiating spherically to infinite expansion or "inflation" as bubble-like fields 
> within fields within fields, within fields, etc., ad infinitum...  See:
> The zero-point source spoken of above, out of which everything in the 
> universe periodically manifests, infinitely expands and fractally involves is the 
> true emptiness that is the infinitesimal Absolute space that infinitely fills 
> the Planck space... This "vacuum" space between the quantum particles and 
> filled with quantum foamor purturbations of primal energy is the metric 
> zero-point (Planck diameter) only on the lowest order fractal involution that 
> constitutes the extended material 3-D space time continuum of physics.  The true 
> primal zero-point out of which everything initially manifests has zero extension 
> in all directions and is the static center of all fractally derived primal 
> fields that radiate out of the so called "Void" or Absolute primal space 3 
> iterations prior to the so called "Big Bang" that appears only at the fourth or 
> physical involution which can be empirically examined by science.
> Since all such involutional fields must descend in triune stages of an 
> analogous octaval series starting with a spiral vortex Mobius-like twist based on 
> the primal nonlinear motion of pure abstract spin on a single axis, all 
> phenomena on any level of consciousness can be related by analogy and 
> correspondence, i.e., "As above, so below."
> For a symbolic three dimensional view of this primal abstract motion 
> spinning at infinite angular momentum in opposite directions on each of an infinite 
> number of spherical zero-point axes -- forming an endless and beginningless 3 
> cycle "Gordian Knot," see:
> It is interesting to note, with respect to analogy and correspondence or as 
> above so below, that our particular universe (out of a potential infinite 
> number of parallel universes) relates only to the three axes whose poles 
> correspond to the vortex points and triple axes geometry of an octahedron or double 
> pyramid that, in Eastern Philosophy, is called the "Diamond Heart"... That is 
> the basic geometric center of all spherical and circular forms, down to the 
> smallest quantum particle (e.g., the static center of a spinning ball, 
> planet, star, galaxy, black hole, quasar, etc.). See:
> The fractally involved spherical universal fields form a pattern that 
> corresponds to the potentially infinite fractal division of the octahedron 
> geometry.
> It is these nested fields at descending orders of frequency-energy that 
> carry the encoded information -- initially, universal formative imagery, and 
> later, all thought, memory and sensory perceptive imagery -- electromagnetically 
> on their surfaces as holographic wave interference patterns. 
> At the Human level of evolution, such image information in each field, 
> (mind, memory, etc.,) is detected, reconstituted into virtual 3-dimensional 
> holographic images, and perceived consciously throuh a single coherent ray of 
> spinergy radiated from and reflected back to the zero-point of consciousness 
> (awareness will) located at the zero-point of sensory image input (or in dreams at 
> the actual zero-point center of those hyperspace fields).  Interestingly, 
> since all these fields are composed of parallel lines of zero-point force 
> traveling spirally in opposite directions, this process of holographic image 
> information modulation and storage is analogous to and corresponds with the 
> holographic information patterns encoded and carried by the amino acid bases and 
> their coenergetic field geometry's within the spiral ladder the DNA molecule. 
> Thus, accounting for the non locality of consciousness and the apparent 
> experience of pain at the source of trauma, a smell in the nose, a taste on the 
> tongue, hearing at the source of sound, and sight at the source of the 
> object's reflected light ultimately detected at the retinas of the eyes. 
> The inner light image we actually experience is the astral mind field's 
> counterpart of the outer sidereal light that strikes the retinas, is transformed 
> electrochemically by the brain and detected directly by the zero-point of 
> visual consciousness in the center of the brain.  This inner light we actually 
> experience is an analogous higher order of astral light energy transformed 
> initially from the brain's visual cortex field to the corresponding astral field 
> linked coenergetically with the similarly holographic mind and memory 
> field.  Since the initial holographically assembled visual brain field is coadunate 
> and in resonance with the kinesthetic brain field carrying the body image, 
> it accounts for the ability of the conscious will to direct the positions of 
> the body and control the muscles in direct correspondence with the visual 
> field so that ball player can catch a fly on the run, and an artist can direct a 
> brush to the exact spot on the canvas that corresponds to a point on the 
> model that is envisioned and held in the mind after a single glance.  Such an 
> apparently magical performance cannot be explained empirically or mathematically 
> by any scientific, philosophical or psychophysical theory of consciousness 
> now extant.  
> All the neural mechanisms in between the sensory input and the perception, 
> such as the brain's neurology and its sensory mechanisms, act simply as 
> holographic transponders that process the image information prior to its 
> transformation and transmission to the holographically interconnected electromagnetic 
> fields surrounding our body and around each organ and cell within the body -- 
> whose zero-point centers are also conscious. 
> Since these zero-points of consciousness are all in the same space, and 
> thus, "entangled" (in scientific terms) -- all localized conscious experiences 
> are referred to the individual consciousness of self that is centered in the 
> navel where all our personal Chakra-fields originate that constitute the 
> multidimensional human aura through which the Chi, Prana or life energy flows.  
> See:
> While this 14 field (7 ascendant and 7 descendent with the lower order 
> consisting of 1 physical and 6 transcendent) ABC model in conjunction with the 
> "holographic paradigm" of Bohm and Pribram as well as all physical  laws on the 
> material plane, also explains the possibility of most psychic phenomena and 
> parapsychological experiences such as altered states of consciousness (ASC), 
> near death experiences (NDE) as well as morphogenetic field evolutionary 
> processes, etc., and also answers many questions and hard problems of both science 
> and psychology in their studies of subjective consciousness and its 
> relationship with objective matter and its forms -- I make no pretense of knowing how 
> any of that applies to psychoanalysis or other means of psychiatric medical 
> or mental healing practices. 
> Best wishes,
> Leon Maurer

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