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More of the KH MSS/Letter

Sep 25, 2006 02:44 PM
by danielhcaldwell

More of the KH MSS/Letter

The KH letter/mss contains a great deal more than what is quoted 
about concentration/ the Master within.

I have several variant copies of what appears to be the KH letter/
mss.  I give below on the following webpage a photographic 
reproduction of 2 consecutive pages.  I estimate that this  
manuscript dates from probably 1889/1890.

This SAME material was used in March 1891 in the following 
document.  At HPB's direction, Mr. Judge started a periodical for 
the American ES students titled: Suggestions and Aids.

In the March 1, 1891 issue of S & A, the reader finds that one of 
HPB's esoteric groups had written a paper titled:  


See link below which shows 2 pages from this particular "Suggestions 
and Aids":

The article "The Seven Worlds" starts at the bottom of page

If you look on page 344 at what I have marked as line 15 you will
see the words: (MS. of a Teacher.)  Line 1 (on page 343) which
is a diagram and lines 2-15 on page 344 have been quoted/paraphrased 
from the KH manuscript.  Compare these marked lines with the 
document provided at:

It appears that one of HPB's esoteric groups was given a copy of the 
KH MS [credited in the paper as simply "(MS. of a Teacher.)].

Portions of KH's text was used/worked into "The Seven Worlds" 

This shows that the KH MSS/Letter/document was being used even by 
one of HPB's esoteric groups as early as March 1891.

Acknowledgement to this KH/Teacher MSS was given in the esoteric 
periodical that Mr. Judge started under the directions of the Outer 
Head of the Esoteric School, HPB herself.

More later.

P.S.  This photographic copy of the 2 pages from "Suggestions and 
Aids" is taken from Volume III of Mr. Judge's ECHOES OF THE ORIENT, 
compiled by Dara Eklund and published by Point Loma Publications, 
San Diego, California.



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