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Julia Keightley Had a Copy of the KH Letter

Sep 25, 2006 12:42 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Julia Keightley Had a Copy of the KH Letter
about "the Master as a Living Man within you."

I give the transcription of the relevant passages as found in ES. 
Instruction #5.  See:

Below is a link to two pages of the first article by Julia Keightley 
(Jasper Niemand) in which she quotes/paraphrases from this KH 

Below is another link to two pages of another article by Jasper 
Niemand where again portions of the KH document are 

See middle and bottom of page 177 and top of page 178.

Notice what Julia writes:

"The positive fixation of the mind upon some worthy object, such as 
a high Ideal, the Higher Self, the image of an Elder Brother if one 
is known, renders the outer body positive...."

followed by the quotation/paraphrase at the top of page 178.

More later.



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