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Carlos on Harrison

Sep 25, 2006 10:26 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Carlos, you write:

. . . Daniel. . . should know that V. Harrison never claimed to know 
much of the inner side of the movement, or even about the History of 
the Movement.  Just because he did ONE important thing does not make 
of him an infallible "Authority" on things he did not study. He did 
not claim being any sort of Central Authority.

Carlos, I don't think anyone (certainly not me!) claimed that 
Harrison was "an infallible 'Authority'" or that he is a "Central 
Authority".  I don't know where these thoughts -- that you bring up -
- come from...

But I do believe he was a KNOWLEDGEABLE examiner of documents and 
handwriting and in light of his CAREFUL and EXTENSIVE study of the 
handwriting of the Mahatma letters and also in light of his 
SIGNIFICANT and IMPORTANT conclusions  concerning H.P. Blavatsky in 
relation to the letters of the Mahatmas, his comments about the 1900 
KH letter should give us serious PAUSE and reflection.

Again Carlos you write:

. . . The situation entirely changed with the publication of the 
FULL  TEXT in 1987.  I dont think Vernon Harrison had any strong 
idea of  what the Esoeric Section was or is about. He cerainly did 
NOT read  the FULL text of the 1900 letter.  Therefore his opinion 
is outdated.

I would be very careful about making such pronouncements such as:

"He cerainly did NOT read the FULL text of the 1900 letter."

Some of my associates were in correspondence with Harrison in the 
late 1980s and the full KH letter was known to him.

And Harrison's statement about the handwriting of this letter does 
not depend on the full text.  There was enough handwriting available 
for Harrison to make an adequate comparison.  He was even willing to 
state that the letter was a FORGERY.

Again Harrison did not need to know anything about the esoteric 
section in order to give his expert opinion about the handwriting 
and style of the 1900 KH letter.  His expertise was in documents and 
handwriting and his opinion was on those aspects.

So readers might be somewhat cautious of your statement that "his 
opinion is outdated."



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