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Ken and Tibet

Sep 25, 2006 05:00 AM
by carlosaveline

Dear Ken,

Most interesting,  

I have with me Purucker's book on the Seasons and Inititions; have read it and quoted it in articles and talks. 

In addition to what you say, one might take into consideration that the Tripitaka, refered  to by a Master in  "The Mahatma Letters"  as "our family bible", has been under publication by Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai (BDK), Japan, since early 1990s. 

There you can find "The Sutra of the Upasaka Precepts"  and "The Lotus Sutra", among many other interesting scriptures.  

The Tripitaka is the Buddhist canon, with dozens of volumes. BDK is publishing the  Mahayana Chinese Tripitaka("the three baskets"). 

There is also a Korean version of Tripitaka available. 

Speaking of 'Tibetan Buddhism', though, I tend to always look carefully at "what kind of Tibetan" we are talking about. 

I believe, Ken, the Tibetan monks you are talking about are OK; yet one must know that there are "tibetans and tibetans" --  in these days as in the old days. 

One must beware of idealizations. They tend to result in occult traps. 

Several succeeding Dalai Lamas have been most likely assassinated, one after the other, by high lamas  in the highest possible acts of  treason, during their young age,  along  19th century, as Geoffrey Barborka rightly suggests in his excellent book "HPB, Tibet and Tulku" (I can give the pages). 

But the right kind of  Buddhist Tibetan Philosophy has a lot in common with Esoteric Philosophy, no doubt.  

I guess Pasadena TS has been rather near to some authentic lines of Buddhist Thought and this is good for the theosophical movement as a whole. 

And there is no doubt that the yearly sun's cycle is initiatory. 

Commentaries on that will be welcome.

Regards,  Carlos.


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Assunto:[Spam] Theos-World Autumnal Equinox -Initiatory event

> Carlos et al- 
> Teachings harmonious with HPB's 'Diagram of Meditation' can be now 
> found in the Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhist 'Dzogchen' or Great 
> Perfection teachings. These teachings were super secret before the 
> late 1970's and now some part of these teachings are available in 
> book form and from a very few qualified Tibetan teachers. They teach 
> a 'meditational view' that transcends the cycle of sleep and waking, 
> life and death etc.
> Coincidentally, this Autumn Equinox on Friday coincides with a new 
> moon and planetary alignment of the sacred planets. This is an 
> extraordinarily rare event. The teachings regarding this are given 
> by G. dePurucker and published in "In the Temple:Esoteric Teachings 
> on the Four Sacred Seasons". 
> Purucker states:
> "The Great Ones undertake this fourth initiation in order to have 
> first-hand experience, in every respect, not only of the Underworld, 
> but more especially of the Upper Worlds, and of what every Monad 
> leaving incarnation must undergo in the ordinary course of dying."
> There is additional suggestive teachings related to this subject 
> in "The Doctrine of the Spheres" vol. vii of 'Esoteric Teachings', 
> p. 47 -- on p. 55 there is a diagram of correspondences between the 
> globes, zodiacal signs and planets which forms the basis of a truly 
> Theosophical esoteric astrology, though I do not know of any 
> theosophical student to have as yet worked this out.......!
> One can find
> the Point Loma Publ. titles above at .
> Ken

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