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Re: [Mind and Brain] Article: On Human Brain Size and the Genome

Sep 23, 2006 08:02 PM
by leonmaurer


Maybe you should ask Sheldrake that question (or read his book).   I would 
also question your statement that (chance) mutated genes are the (sole?) basis 
of the accelerated evolution of the human species -- since it doesn't account 
for the leap of evolution to meet survival needs across an entire species in a 
truncated geological time frame -- which Sheldrake explains thoroughly in his 

Incidentally, "morphic resonance," could very well be the same process of 
coenergetic (inductive-resonance) transfer of interference patterned EM 
holographic information from one fractal, frequency-energy phased field of 
consciousness to another, as explained in the ABC theory and model.   

It is my belief, also, based on such a model, that the DNA code is an 
analogue of such encoded fields of EM holographic information -- since its AA bases 
each have unique geometric field topology linked directly to those coenergetic 
hyperspace fields particular to their own physiochemical configurations and 
ordered relationships. Since magnetism carried by each field seems to be the 
medium of such transformations, there is no limit to how deeply into the 
fractalized hyperspace and metric space fields, and how far through their spherical 
spatial extensions it can reach. 

All that a single chance mutation can do is change the gene of only one 
individual -- which is not enough to affect an entire species in an accelerated 
evolutionary time frame... Unless, the coenergetic (i.e., morphic) fields can 
reach across spatial separation (as ABC postulates) in a manner similar to the 
"action at a distance" characteristic of "entangled" (split, yet identical) 
quantum particles... Which is probably based on the inherently coadunative nature 
of their zero-point field centers -- snce they are all part of the same zero 
dimensional Absolute space that is located everywhere (yet, nowhere in 
particular) throughout 3-dimensional hyper and metric space.

Without imagination, which, as Einstein said, "is more important than 
knowledge," none of this will make any sense whatsoever to any scientific materialist 
who religiously believes only in physicalism and its "scientific method."   
So let the brickbats fall where they may on us idealists, transcendentalists, 
monists, and theosophical evoutionists -- who recognize divinity only in the 
absolute emptiness that is pure unconditioned consciousness deep down within 
every one of us (along with every other sentient and non sentient being 
throughout the Universe in their own degree of expression :-).

Leon Maurer
where I see it from </:-)=

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> Leon,
>  Can you explain how Sheldrake's morphic resonance can produce mutated 
> genes, which are the basis of the accelerated evolution of the human species?
>  Richard 
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> "What is missing in these accounts of accelerated evolution is a mechanism 
> by which it happens. Any thoughts?"
> It seems to me that Rupert Sheldrake in his book, "A new science of life; 
> The hypothesis of morphic resonance" gave a very convincing argument for such a 
> mechanism.  It might be worthwhile to read some of his Papers on Morphic 
> Resonance at:
> <> 
> Incidentally, this theory ties in closely with my ABC model of fractally 
> involved coadunate but not consubstantial fields that are linked coenergetically 
> and holographically by electrodynamic inductive resonance processes -- which 
> has been outlined and discussed a number of times in this forum. 
> Leon Maurer

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