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Re Ibn Khaldun, 1900 Letter

Sep 23, 2006 07:43 AM
by Mark Jaqua

Re:  Ibn Khaldun, 1900 Letter

Scribe writes:

Too bad that isn't required reading 
in the madrassahs, isn't it? <Was it 
<by a Sufi? They were the highest form 
of Islam. They were practically 
<exterminated by the Wahabbis and other 
such types.

   There's some definitely Gnostic-type 
material in it, as John infers.  I haven't 
read the whole book, but in the Princeton 
Un. Press blurb from Arnold Toynbee it says:  
" 'The Muqaddima of Ibn Khaldun: an 
Introduction to History,' - 'Undoubtedly 
the greaterst work of its kind that has 
ever been created by any mind in any time 
or place... the most comprehensive and 
illuminating analysis of how human affairs 
work that has been made anywhere."  And 
this was by an Islamic in the 14th century.  
Its a pretty big book.

    Dan brings up that Bruce and I have
differing opinions on the 1900 letter.  Bruce
may be right, I don't know, and nobody ever
will in all likelyhood.  I don't care if he
is right and I am wrong, it's not a crucial
issue, I don't believe.  What does Dan think
about it, he never seems to say. (Seems to
me Bruce asked him this same question.) Do
you Only have Information Dan, and never arive
at any personal conclusions?  It's risky having
opinions, you know.

               - jake j.

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