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Re: Theos-World 1900 KH Letter: Some of My Reflections

Sep 23, 2006 07:02 AM
by adelasie


One of the most useful things I have learned in my study of Theosophy 
is that totally contradictory statements can both be true. It's all a 
matter of point of view, and in a multi-dimensional universe, that 
can be a pretty comlex subject in itself! The image of truth being 
like the moon, and our different opinions being like the reflections 
of the moon on the water of a lake, broken up into myriad sparkles, 
(paraphrase HPB) illustrates it very well. There is only one Truth, 
only one moon, but as many fragmentary reflections of it as there are 
minds to think, or wavelets to ripple.


> It appears that sincere and knowledgeable students of Theosophy can 
> come to totally opposite views!!
> Is our own "view" therefore really any better or truer than theirs??
> In fact, NONE of us may be in a really good position or have the 
> adequate knowledge or insight to really KNOW whether the 1900 letter 
> was written by the real Mahatma KH or forged by some other person.


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