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View of the Chohan on the T.S: A Letter

Sep 21, 2006 11:12 PM
by danielhcaldwell

This is one of the Mahatma letters that Jake was referring to
in his latest post on Theos-Talk

The original of this letter is not available. The original
was probably in the keeping of Mr. A.O. Hume.  Mr. A.P. Sinnett
had this copy made for his own personal use. Evidence indicates
that it was probably received by Mr. Hume and Mr. Sinnett
in September 1881 when Hume, Sinnett and H.P. Blavatsky 
were staying in Simla, India.

View of the Chohan on the T.S.
Several good reasons given to K. H. by the Chohan 
why the T. S. should be a Brotherhood of Humanity.

for the Simla Eclectic T. S. {1880 or 1881} 

The doctrine we promulgate being the only true one, must, -- 
supported by such evidence as we are preparing to give become 
ultimately triumphant as every other truth. Yet it is absolutely 
necessary to inculcate it gradually enforcing its theories, 
unimpeachable facts for those who know, with direct inferences 
deducted from and corroborated by the evidence furnished by modern 
exact science. That is why Col H.S.O. who works but to revive 
Buddhism may be regarded as one who labours in the true path of 
Theosophy, far more than any other man who chooses as his goal the 
gratification of his own ardent aspirations for occult knowledge. 
Buddhism stripped of its superstitions is eternal truth, and he who 
strives for the latter is striving for Theos-sophia, Divine Wisdom, 
which is a synonym of truth. 

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