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Re: The Central Mystery of Quantum Mechanics - where modern and ancient theosophical science meet

Sep 21, 2006 10:25 PM
by leonmaurer

The following article by Michael Talbot (author of the book, "The Holographic 

... Not only justifies the metaphysical Cosmogenesis taught in the Book of 
Dzyan and the Secret Doctrine, along with Taoist, Hindu and Buddhist esoteric 
philosophy, but also is clearly explained by the scientifically consistent ABC 
theory and model -- that considers the origin of all coadunate but not 
consubstantial holographic fields of consciousness, as an infinite fractal involution 
and expansion of a singular zero-point source of cosmic force (angular 
momentum or spinergy spread throughout all absolute space) periodically radiating 
spherically to infinite expansion or "inflation" as bubble-like fields within 
fields within fields, within fields, etc., ad infinitum...   See: 

The zero-point source spoken of above, out of which everything in the 
universe periodically manifests, infinitely expands and fractally involves is the 
true emptiness that is the infinitesimal Absolute space that infinitely fills the 
Planck space... This "vacuum" space between the quantum particles and filled 
with quantum foamor purturbations of primal energy is the metric zero-point 
(Planck diameter) only on the lowest order fractal involution that constitutes 
the extended material 3-D space time continuum of physics.   The true primal 
zero-point out of which everything initially manifests has zero extension in all 
directions and is the static center of all fractally derived primal fields 
that radiate out of the so called "Void" or Absolute primal space 3 iterations 
prior to the so called "Big Bang" that appears only at the fourth or physical 
involution which can be empirically examined by science.

Since all such involutional fields must descend in triune stages of an 
analogous octaval series starting with a spiral vortex Mobius-like twist based on 
the primal nonlinear motion of pure abstract spin on a single axis, all 
phenomena on any level of consciousness can be related by analogy and correspondence, 
i.e., "As above, so below." 

For a symbolic three dimensional view of this primal abstract motion spinning 
at infinite angular momentum in opposite directions on each of an infinite 
number of spherical zero-point axes -- forming an endless and beginningless 3 
cycle "Gordian Knot," see:

It is interesting to note, with respect to analogy and correspondence or as 
above so below, that our particular universe (out of a potential infinite 
number of parallel universes) relates only to the three axes whose poles correspond 
to the vortex points and triple axes geometry of an octahedron or double 
pyramid that, in Eastern Philosophy, is called the "Diamond Heart"... That is the 
basic geometric center of all spherical and circular forms, down to the 
smallest quantum particle (e.g., the static center of a spinning ball, planet, star, 
galaxy, black hole, quasar, etc.). See:

The fractally involved spherical universal fields form a pattern that 
corresponds to the potentially infinite fractal division of the octahedron geometry.

It is these nested fields at descending orders of frequency-energy that carry 
the encoded information -- initially, universal formative imagery, and later, 
all thought, memory and sensory perceptive imagery -- electromagnetically on 
their surfaces as holographic wave interference patterns.   

At the Human level of evolution, such image information in each field, (mind, 
memory, etc.,) is detected, reconstituted into virtual 3-dimensional 
holographic images, and perceived consciously throuh a single coherent ray of spinergy 
radiated from and reflected back to the zero-point of consciousness 
(awareness will) located at the zero-point of sensory image input (or in dreams at the 
actual zero-point center of those hyperspace fields).   Interestingly, since 
all these fields are composed of parallel lines of zero-point force traveling 
spirally in opposite directions, this process of holographic image information 
modulation and storage is analogous to and corresponds with the holographic 
information patterns encoded and carried by the amino acid bases and their 
coenergetic field geometry's within the spiral ladder the DNA molecule.   

Thus, accounting for the non locality of consciousness and the apparent 
experience of pain at the source of trauma, a smell in the nose, a taste on the 
tongue, hearing at the source of sound, and sight at the source of the object's 
reflected light ultimately detected at the retinas of the eyes.   

The inner light image we actually experience is the astral mind field's 
counterpart of the outer sidereal light that strikes the retinas, is transformed 
electrochemically by the brain and detected directly by the zero-point of visual 
consciousness in the center of the brain.   This inner light we actually 
experience is an analogous higher order of astral light energy transformed 
initially from the brain's visual cortex field to the corresponding astral field 
linked coenergetically with the similarly holographic mind and memory field.   
Since the initial holographically assembled visual brain field is coadunate and 
in resonance with the kinesthetic brain field carrying the body image, it 
accounts for the ability of the conscious will to direct the positions of the body 
and control the muscles in direct correspondence with the visual field so that 
ball player can catch a fly on the run, and an artist can direct a brush to 
the exact spot on the canvas that corresponds to a point on the model that is 
envisioned and held in the mind after a single glance.   Such an apparently 
magical performance cannot be explained empirically or mathematically by any 
scientific, philosophical or psychophysical theory of consciousness now extant.    

All the neural mechanisms in between the sensory input and the perception, 
such as the brain's neurology and its sensory mechanisms, act simply as 
holographic transponders that process the image information prior to its 
transformation and transmission to the holographically interconnected electromagnetic 
fields surrounding our body and around each organ and cell within the body -- whose 
zero-point centers are also conscious.   

Since these zero-points of consciousness are all in the same space, and thus, 
"entangled" (in scientific terms) -- all localized conscious experiences are 
referred to the individual consciousness of self that is centered in the navel 
where all our personal Chakra-fields originate that constitute the 
multidimensional human aura through which the Chi, Prana or life energy flows.   See:

While this 14 field (7 ascendant and 7 descendent with the lower order 
consisting of 1 physical and 6 transcendent) ABC model in conjunction with the 
"holographic paradigm" of Bohm and Pribram as well as all physical   laws on the 
material plane, also explains the possibility of most psychic phenomena and 
parapsychological experiences such as altered states of consciousness (ASC), near 
death experiences (NDE) as well as morphogenetic field evolutionary processes, 
etc., and also answers many questions and hard problems of both science and 
psychology in their studies of subjective consciousness and its relationship 
with objective matter and its forms -- I make no pretense of knowing how any of 
that applies to psychoanalysis or other means of psychiatric medical or mental 
healing practices.   

Best wishes,

Leon Maurer

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> > The problem of reconciling modern physics and human consciousness
> also concerns that of making a synthesis between the continuous
> orders of Einstein's general relativity (which at speeds close to
> that of light replaces Newtonian gravity, such that the presence of
> matter in space is now seen to cause living space itself to 'curve',
> with this setting up the gravitational field) and the discontinuous
> orders of quantum mechanics.
> >
> > The latter is the system of mechanics that, early in the last
> century, replaced Newtonian mechanics as a method of interpreting
> physical phenomena on a very small scale (e.g. the motion of
> electrons and nuclei within atoms). Quantum theory originated with
> the discovery by Max Planck (1900) that the heat radiation from a so-
> called 'black body' is quantised, i.e. emitted in discrete quanta of
> energy, the magnitude of which are given by the product of the
> frequency of the radiation and a universal constant, now known as
> Planck's constant.
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