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Re Teachers letters Bogus? & Altered

Sep 21, 2006 06:58 AM
by Mark Jaqua

Re Various Teacher "letters" bogus? & alteredss 
  Dan:  I don't remember Who that 
woman was who quoted from that 
"KH-concentration" letter - was 
it Klingisbury(?).  You'd no doubt 
make the best bet, if it was someone 
else trying to transmit letters.  Since 
that letter was in HPB's notes, its 
a possibility, it seems to me, that 
perhaps someone thought they got a 
"transmission," wrote it down to 
show Blavatsky, and maybe she wrote 
it out in her notes to herself, to 
consider it later.  It doesn't have 
the same "tone" or gerneral content 
as the known-bonafide letters, and 
of course there is no original. 
Barabara said something about not 
trusting the idea of "making one's 
mind blank," and that's true and a 
good point too. 
Also, not everything in Judge's Path 
got his OK, I don't think.  Fullerton 
ran things for a while, didn't he, 
or in Judge's absence?  There was a 
few unsigned articles on Blavatsky 
Net attributed to Judge a few years 
back which I didn't think were actually 
Judge's.  Dara Eklund or her husband 
commented that they could have been 
    On Bruce's comments on the "1900 
Letter" about it bogusly setting up 
Besant as an endorsed leader of some 
sort.  This might be so, but at 1900 
I think perhaps she hadn't been totally 
taken over yet, and was still redeemable, 
perhaps.  And there is nothing wrong 
with wanting to lead people in Theosophy.  
The Teacher may have just tried to give 
motivation to her higher ideals, which 
she temporarily inspired herself with 
again.  At this time, hadn't she 
escaped Chakravarti and was "in between" 
black gurus" - not totally under CWL's 
spell yet?  Maybe it was a temporary 
return to her old Blavatsky-inspired 
buddhic aspirations.
    There are different versions of 
the Teacher's Teacher's Statement 
that I posted, and I haven't went 
through the whole thing, but one 
Important "silent deletion" concerning 
Christian missionaries is significant, 
and carried on to most all published 
versions. This was apparently Besants 
editorial "silent deletion" in the 
August, 1896 "Lucifer."  Apparently 
the original letter has never been 
found, or no longer exists.  
Jinarajadasa's text makes most sense, 
and includes the usually deleted part.  
Knoche has some thorough notes on 
this in the version (also deleted) 
at <> and Jinarajadasa 
has good notes in his book also.
   The usual (silently deleted) version has:
    "In China during famine, and where 
the masses are most ignorant of their 
own or of any religion, it was remarked 
that those mothers who devoured their 
children belonged to localities where 
there was none; and where the Bonzes 
alone had the field, the population died 
with the utmost indifference..."
   Jinarajadasa's version in "Letters 
from the Masters of the Wisdom," Vol. 
I has:  
     "(In China during famine and where 
the masses are most ignorant of their 
own or any religion, it was remarked 
that those mothers who devoured their 
chilren belonged to localities where 
there were the most Christian missionaries 
to be found;  where there were none, 
and the Bonzes alone had the field, the 
population died with utmost indifference)."
     Jinarajadas would seem to have 
the correct version here it seems, as 
the sentence doesn't even make sense 
without his inclusion on the missionaries.  
It also jives with HPB's statement 
somewhere, quoting the Catholic Priest, 
"that if you want to corrupt the local 
population, just make them Christians..." 
or something of the sort.  The 1900 
letter refers to this letter, possibly, 
when it says:  "The Theosophical society 
was meant to be the corner stone of the 
future religions of Humanity."  
Jinarajadasa's copie is from CWL's 
"Cyclostyle" of it - which was a sort 
of 19th century form of mimeograph, with 
a pointed-wheel pen.  Perhaps CWL wrecked 
the original copy by using it as his 
tracing-master.  Don't know how it was done.
             - jake j.
dan writes:
  <You write what seems to me to be a very significant
statement concerning the KH-Concentration letter:
<Maybe it was [written or transmitted by] someone [?????] who was an 
imperfect instrument, and got some real thoughts mixed up with trash 
(not necessarily even with a Teacher being involved - reflections in 
the astral light.) 
  <NOTES:  I added explanatory words and a comment in brackets [  ].
  <This specific KH letter dates from 1888-1889 when H.P. 
Blavatsky was still alive.  Portions of it appear in THE PATH and
in an ES publication while HPB was STILL alive.  In fact
the earliest version of it that I found was in the back
of Judge's own personal diary for 1888.  
  <So who was the someone??? if not HPB or Judge???  and would either 
HPB or Judge allow a pseudo-mahatma letter to appear in the pages of 
THE PATH and in an ES document without at least protesting it and 
calling students attention to this matter???  
  <Just a thought or cause to be agitated tho....  :)
  <Well anyway, interesting Jake that you propose the above explanation.
  <This explanation that you submit appears to also be the SAME sort of 
purposed explanation offered by Sinnett, Shearman, Olcott, 
Leadbeater and OTHER Theosophical students  when they DISAGREE with 
the contents of OTHER letters written by Master KH or M.
  <I realize this may be in your eyes an insignificant matter and not 
worthy of further discussion, but I thought at least I would throw 
it out!  :)

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