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The Voice of the Silence: Selected Extracts

Sep 20, 2006 11:05 AM
by danielhcaldwell

The Voice of the Silence:  
Selected Extracts

Of teachers there are many; the MASTER-SOUL is one, Alaya, the 
Universal Soul. Live in that MASTER as ITS ray in thee. Live in thy 
fellows as they live in IT. 

All is impermanent in man except the pure bright essence of Alaya. 
Man is its crystal ray; a beam of light immaculate within, a form of 
clay material upon the lower surface. That beam is thy life-guide 
and thy true Self, the Watcher and the silent Thinker.

Thou hast to saturate thyself with pure Alaya, become as one with 
Nature's Soul-Thought. At one with it thou art invincible; in 
separation, thou becomest the playground of Samvriti, origin of all 
the world's delusions. 

Thou hast to learn to part thy body from thy mind, to dissipate the 
shadow, and to live in the eternal. For this, thou hast to live and 
breathe in all, as all that thou perceivest breathes in thee; to 
feel thyself abiding in all things, all things in SELF. 

Thou shalt not separate thy being from BEING, and the rest, but 
merge the Ocean in the drop, the drop within the Ocean. 

So shalt thou be in full accord with all that lives; bear love to 
men as though they were thy brother-pupils, disciples of one 
Teacher, the sons of one sweet mother. 

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