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Theosophy & the World

Sep 20, 2006 05:29 AM
by carlosaveline

Dear Friends, 
One can find today a few theosophists who believe that this or that nation is worse, or better, than others.   
Such a mistake results from a lack of understanding of what is universal brotherhood. 
H.P.Blavatky, H.S. Olcott and W. Q. Judge  made no differences among Christians, Muslims and Jews, and most theosophists today  certainly agree with them in that.   HPB wrote:  
“(....) For, above all human sects stands Theosophy in its abstract sense; Theosophy which is too wide for  any of them to contain but  wh ich easily contains them.” 
“In conclusion, we may sate that, broader and far more universal in its views than any existing mere scientific Society, it has ‘plus’ science its belief in every possibility, and determined will to penetrate into those unknown spiritual regions, which exact science pretends that its votaries have no business to explore. And, it has one quality more than any religion in that it makes no difference between Gentile, Jew, or Christian. It is in this spirit that the [Theosophical] Society has been established upon the footing of a Universal Brotherhood.” (1) 
And William Judge  writes in “The Ocean of Theosophy”: 
“Abraham and Moses of the Jews are two other Initiates, Adepts who had  their work to do with a certain people; and in the history of Abraham with Melchizedek, who was so much beyond Abrahm that he had the right to confer upon the latter a  dignity, a privilege, or a blessing.  The same chapter of  of human history which contains the names of Moses and Abrahm is illuminated also by that of Solomon. And thus these three make a great  triad of Adepts, the record of whose deeds can not be brushed aside as folly and devoid of basis.” (2)
The Jewish Kabalah was obviously one of  the favourite subjects of HPB’s, from “Isis Unveiled” through her last days in 1891.  And that “had” to be so, for Judaism has in it a most  deep wisdom tradition.  It is not a mere coincidence, then,  that in the first theosophical meetings –  7th and 8th of September 1875 – a Jewish Kabalist and a Jewish editor were active among the 17 founders of the movement.  
Of course, Theosophists fully appreciate Islamism and other  religions as Wisdom Ttraditions  --  while questioning all of their bureaucratic ritualisms, blind-belief and claims to be “the only bridge” to the divine world.  
Organized religions are all very similar, even in  their claims to  be each of them the “sole proprietor” of truth. 
No great religion can be said to be much better or much worse than the others.  The theosophical movement, or at least some sections of it, should be able to say something about that in  the world today. We should be able to stimulate some dialogue among them, just  as for instance “The Theosophist” did when it was published by H.P.B.  Such a dialogue is not a thing of the past.  It is a task of  the future. 
Best regards,   Carlos.  
(1) “What Are the Theosophists?”, by HPB, an article first published in October 1879.  Quoted from “Collected Writings of H.P. Blavatsky”,  TPH India, vol.  II,  590 pp., see p. 105. 
(2) “The Ocean of Theosophy”, W. Q. Judge, Theosophy Co., Los Angeles, CA,  Chapter 01. 

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