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Re: Theos-World HPB replies to Sinnett's Doubts about one of the KH Letters

Sep 19, 2006 06:05 PM
by Cass Silva

One thing we can be certain of is that HPB was the author of this retort!

danielhcaldwell <> wrote:                                  "My dear Mr. Sinnett,
 "It is very strange that you should be ready to deceive yourself so
 willingly. I have seen last night whom I had to see, and getting the
 explanation I wanted I am now settled on points I was not only
 doubtful about but positively averse to accepting. And the words in
 the first line are words I am bound to repeat to you as a warning,
 and because I regard you, after all, as one of my best personal
 friends. Now you have and are deceiving, in vulgar parlance,
 bamboozling yourself about the letter received by me yesterday from
 the Mahatma. The letter is from Him, whether written through a chela
 or not; and -- perplexing as it may seem to you, contradictory
 and 'absurd,' it is the full expression of his feelings and he
 maintains what he said in it. For me it is surpassingly strange that
 you should accept as His only that which dovetails with your own
 feelings, and reject all that contradicts your own notions of the
 fitness of things. . . . you imagine, or rather force yourself to
 imagine that the Mahatma's letter is not wholly orthodox and was
 written by a chela to please me, or something of the sort. . . . If
 you -- the most devoted, the best of all Theosophists -- are ready
 to fall a victim to your own preconceptions and believe in new gods
 of your own fancy dethroning the old ones -- then, notwithstanding
 all and everything Theosophy has come too early in this
 country. . . . Yours, H.P.B."
 Quoted from:

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