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Sep 19, 2006 05:51 PM
by Cass Silva

And what about these religious leaders who propagate their false notions of religion, based on greed, ambition and power.  I believe that ANY RELIGION that uses violence, physical and psychological,should be shown to be what they are.

carlosaveline <> wrote:                                  Dear Friends, 
 Political, cultural  and military polarization accelerates in world affairs.
 Now it includes physical attacks to Christian Churches because the Pope, Joseph Ratzinger, criticized Islamism.
 There has been for some time a temptation to put the blame in this is that religion, different from one's own.  Different theories appear stating the all the blame belongs to the Radical Christians, or to the Radical Islamists, or to the Jewish people as a nation. 
 In moments loike this, the Prayag Letter is especially important. It refers to the to the dark side of all major bureaucratic and topdown religions;  absolutely  not to the Jewish, or Christian, or any other one,  alone. 
 As long as the dark side of religions is shown as a universal or plural phenomenon, I guess this is Theosophy.  I would be worried, though,  if Judaism, or Islamism, or Hinduism, were to be seen as 'the sole responsible for'  or  'the central focus of ' human ignorance. 
 Ignorance makes people single out "someone" as a scapegoat. Theosophy teaches us to think globally instead,  and it points to the 'inner rebirth' of  'wrong traditions' and people.  
 Scapegoat mechanisms were used against every initiate (whether with smaller or bigger initiations) since most ancient times. Pythagoras, Socrates, Seneca, G. Bruno, Roman Catholic Cardinal de Cusa, and even St. John of the Cross are among the countless examples. 
 HPB and other key 19th century theosophists, including W.Q. Judge, were no exceptions.  They have been clearly scapegoated -- and are so even now. 
 We should stay away from scapegoating,  because is it an antithesis of universal brotherhood.  Besides, no single religious tradition belonging to the fifth race is "wrong in itself".  It is most unfortunate,  therefore,  to think that one has to "get rid of this or that entire nation"  and all its persons.  
 That's why H.P.Blavatksy  wrote so much on the Kabalah -- the true heart of Judaism -- as most Rabis know to-day.  That's why she also cherished Arab wisdom and tradition. 
 Those quarters of the theosophical movement which believe in the authenticity of  Mahatma messages like the Letter 10 and the Prayah Letter should go beyond a mere opinion and promote a inter-religious consciouness which can be able to help mankind along and beyond the nightmare of religious hate and religious violence. 
 But not always the right concepts lead to right practices.  And not always right concepts lead to right practices.  Life is not mechanistical.  
 Pedro Oliveira, whose concepts (and probably practice, too) are often wrong from a Masters/HPB viewpoint, was delivering public talks on inter-religions views earlier this year, in Islamic countries, while some of our groups which   do believe very much in the importance of the Prayag Letter and of the Letter Ten, don't seem to TRY to do much about that in the practical world.
 An episode which shows us how complex the relation is, between Precept and Practice. Indeed, there is not a linear, mechanistical correspondence there. 
 The Heart Doctrine is needed to enlighten the words and show one the best course of action.  
 Best regards,   Carlos.  
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