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Re: Theos-World Re: Our imagination

Sep 19, 2006 05:43 PM
by Cass Silva

Hi John,
It may have been Adelasie or Marie that posted these questions, but your responses are well noted.

I became aware of "watching" the thought processes through Gurdgieff and Krishnamurti, and in practice,  have found that I am only able to grasp "moments of awareness", one imagines that these moments gradually grow into longer moments, until we accomplish total awareness of how and where these thoughts are coming from.  I indulge the thinker in me at times, although I am consciously aware that I am doing so, it helps keep it tempered, and also provides insights into my reactions to certain events in the world.

I imagine that when one stops thinking, empties out the contents of the thinker, that the emptiness creates a space for higher awareness.  This requires dedication and practice and almost isolation from the desire nature, (is it a desire to even wish for higher consciousness?).

Why HPB called it the path I will never know, it is mountaineering country!!

Cass wrote:                                  Cass,
    Thanks for your reply and comments.
 >>b: What does "unconditioned Dharmas" mean?  I am not sure I 
 understand what it means by  "Their minds are not bound by the Way,"<<
 I do not present myself as a teacher or authority to anyone. I would advise 
 you to locate the referenced Sutra(s) online or locate the Printed work to 
 fully read and study. The Unconditioned is the Primordial Original Native State of 
 our Beingness and is a study that is a means in the understanding of 
 Patanjali, the Lower "conditioned" mind that is an acquirement resultant of adoption 
 of apparent viewpoint in the Matter- Energy-Space-Time Creation. Our Original 
 Nature has never changed but created an illusion by the extension of a Point 
 and the use of the point as a means of view, experience, action, participation 
 and the apparentcy of many from Unity. You can find Online reference and 
 dissertation on Unconditioned Mind and Realm.
     In the Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch a monk come to the Patriarch 
 and asks to be given the "Non-verbal transmission of Mind." The patriarch 
 asks the Monk "Have you seen your original Face?" The Monks withdrew and went to 
 his cell and searched everywhere in and out of the Monastery but could not 
 find it! Original nature is Unconditioned and Transcendental Reality. 
 >>b:  I also read warnings about the dangers of trying to have a blank 
 Well, I have also read and seen content as you have but it remains that 
 unless you learn that you are the "Driver" of the Chariot the four Horses will 
 forever run wild on the raceway of your journey. One cannot serve two masters in 
 this endeavor. If people read Patanjali yet still firmly believe they are 
 irrevocably the lower mind and without it they do not exist as their person, then 
 they should become devout Catholics or be content to go nowhere for this 
 lifetime. One has been instructed to become the "Observer" of the Lower mind and to 
 take a seat aside if you will from the Lower mind and simply observe, watch, 
 note, have "awareness" of it's incipient, automatic, Pavlovian responses and 
 activity quite independent of any intentioned direction or thought from the real 
 Being itself. Waking, Walking, Sitting, Reclining, have Mindful Awareness of 
 the activity and arising and productions of the lower mind. Many Years ago in 
 1968 a certain exorcise was taught, it required siting and maintaining the 
 empty or blank state of awareness for two hours without a single thought allowed 
 to arise  people who did it were not great in number but they also did not die 
 from it lol.
 >>b:  This is very interesting.  Can you give me references so I can 
 look them up.  This demonstrates the power of an idea.<<
 Cass, a couple of weeks ago or less I posted on the Heart thread with 
 citation from an Encyclopedia of Yoga with detail of the Meditation of the Heart it 
 was in that the Deer and Bhijna (seed) comment was made from. The "Seed Drop" 
 Blavatsky was given by her Master that opened her I do not remember the exact 
 document but I do quote correctly, perhaps Daniel or another archivist can post 
 that as it is important and it is not something that was exclusive to only 
 Blavatsky. both the Hinayana and Mahayana agree that the Buddha consummated his 
 enlightenment at the Deer Park.
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