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A Very Significant Statement by Jake plus Notes

Sep 19, 2006 02:07 PM
by danielhcaldwell


You write what seems to me to be a very significant
statement concerning the KH-Concentration letter:

Maybe it was [written or transmitted by] someone [?????] who was an 
imperfect instrument, and got some real thoughts mixed up with trash 
(not necessarily even with a Teacher being involved - reflections in 
the astral light.) 

NOTES:  I added explanatory words and a comment in brackets [  ].

This specific KH letter dates from 1888-1889 when H.P. 
Blavatsky was still alive.  Portions of it appear in THE PATH and
in an ES publication while HPB was STILL alive.  In fact
the earliest version of it that I found was in the back
of Judge's own personal diary for 1888.  

So who was the someone??? if not HPB or Judge???  and would either 
HPB or Judge allow a pseudo-mahatma letter to appear in the pages of 
THE PATH and in an ES document without at least protesting it and 
calling students attention to this matter???  

Just a thought or cause to be agitated tho....  :)

Well anyway, interesting Jake that you propose the above explanation.

This explanation that you submit appears to also be the SAME sort of 
purposed explanation offered by Sinnett, Shearman, Olcott, 
Leadbeater and OTHER Theosophical students  when they DISAGREE with 
the contents of OTHER letters written by Master KH or M.

I realize this may be in your eyes an insignificant matter and not 
worthy of further discussion, but I thought at least I would throw 
it out!  :)


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