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Jake: "to...divert from discussing REAL Theosophy...."

Sep 19, 2006 01:22 PM
by danielhcaldwell


You write:

Dan's whole purpose (or result) is to aggitate people and 
divert from discussing REAL Theosophy, and not these 
(relatively) unimportant matters.

It is amazing to me to think that with almost three
hundred persons on this Theos-Talk board (most of them I assume
could discuss REAL Theosophy)it is not possible to
actually carry on more than one thread of discussion,
INCLUDING discussing REAL Theosophy.

Some may be interested in some historical aspect,
others may just like to chat or joke and others
could discuss philosophical issues or, as you
phrase it, REAL Theosophy.

I think there can be multiple threads of discussion!!!

I believe the Theos-Talk forum is set up so each and every
person CAN post (if he/she makes that choice) whatever
posting on whatever subject.

At least I post on Theosophical related subjects and I do get
emails and even posts on here stating that at least some
individuals appreciate the info I provide.

Then why don't you (Jake) and even Bruce, why don't the
two of you post some contributions on REAL Theosophy.

Instead I suppose it is easier for you to apparently
whine about this or that AND fantasize about what I may or may not 
be doing with my posts.

Jesus save us!



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