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Re: Theos-World Re: Our imagination

Sep 19, 2006 09:27 AM
by Rabindra Mohanty

Hi, This is Mohanty again.

 "The Unconditioned is the  Primordial Original Native
State of  our Beingness. Our Original  Nature has
never changed but created an illusion by  the
extension of a Point  and the use of the point as a
means of view, experience, action, participation  and
the apparentcy of many from Unity." 

I appreciate very much the above statement of
I would like to add a little. 
The unconditioned is equivalent to 'uncaused'. Our
imaginations are all conditioned or caused. They
sprout from the unconditioned/uncaused and ultimately
get lost/merged in the caused/conditioned.
That uncaused state is our Pure Consciousness level
which you describe as-'Primordial Original Native
State of our Beingness'. All becomings are relative
and apparent. Imagination forms a part of becomings
which are transitory in nature.Imagination appears to
be a very powerful force as it rushes out from a Great
Reservoir of Consciosness that is within. Nigel Healy
aptly says, mind being a slayer has to be slain.This
is fine but I beg to differ a little here.
Mind being so subtle,it's not that easy to slay it.
Ultimate goal of all life is to reach, or to be one
with the state of Pure Consciousness. There is no need
to struggle with the mind. It is as good as struggling
with our own shadow. Mind is only to be diverted/
swayed inward i.e. towards pure consciousness which is
called Self. Ultimately mind will be lost in the
infinite ocean of consciousness just as shadow is lost
in the light itself from which it originates.
In the words of Sri Sri Baba Thakur, a holy saint of
Calcutta (India), the many pointed mind has to be made
single pointed in the first stage. But that is not
enough. Ultimately it has to be pointless, which means
one with the Being. 
I sincerely crave for your excuse if my interpretation
has gone anywhere. Please correct me.
Some more information can be had from the website,

Truly yours,

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