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Re: Our imagination

Sep 18, 2006 06:43 PM
by bta1012003

Re: Our imagination 

Dear Barbara,
I thank you for your advice regarding my first impressions.
I will keep it in mind.

B:  It was not an advice; it is not my practice to give any advice.  
Rather, it is relating to you my own experience.  My disappointment 
in this regard made me examine my own habitual expectations,  and it 
was instructive.         

With regards to Mr. Mohantys 'our imagination', I am not
suggesting that "our imagination is ONLY a result of
OTHER PEOPLES thoughts". If our "thoughts are not our
own until we own them" then they are certainly not the
property of other people! I was alluding to Universal
Thought. That vast reservoir of energy information in
which an exchange of thought 'images' takes place,
consciously and UNCONSCIOUSLY. 

B:  This sounds like the description of Akasha.  

Certain frequencies
resonate with the neurons in our brain, setting off
a chain reaction of imaginations or 'daydreams'.
I'm sure most of us have experienced driving home
from the shops only to realize that we have very
little recollection of our journey! In these cases our
daydreaming mind is in control of us....and we display
a serious lack of focus!

B:  Yes.  It is interesting how certain images trigger a slew of 
other images, but this
Is so individual, that no two persons share the same reaction.     

The field of the study of imagination is broad and
deserving of many varied approaches, including the
idea of thought waves, acting like radio waves to t.v.
and radio stations, with resonating vibrations passing
through and affecting our consciousness.

B:  Yes, this is an intriguing and vast topic.  I am not sure I have 
the time to go deeply into it right now, but we can scratch the 
surface.  Imagination is the property of human beings, which 
other kingdoms do not share.  I assume it is an aspect of Manas.  

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