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Sep 18, 2006 06:11 AM
by carlosaveline

Dear John,


This is serious business, no doubt. 

As a complement, I would like to point to the fact that both HPB and William Judge taught about forms of meditation that tend to be "24h a day, seven days a week", including periods of sleep and action. 

See, for instance, HPB's 'Diagram of Meditation', which is the meditational counterpart of the book "The Secret Doctrine".   

On the other hand, our efforts in expansion of consciousness will always depend on our growing understanding of the workings of  the Nidhanas in one's particular, yet  multiple-lives experience. 

Hence the study of  'dependent origination' is no "side issue" along the path. 

Interaction of causes and effects in one's life is connected to a broader context of several existences and various levels of interaction. 

It is said in Buddha's legend that when he got enlightened he exclaimed (in thought)  something like this: 

"I caught you!" ---  meaning he had found  the Architect of Illusions, the source of dependent origination, the 'motor' for the 12 Nidhanas. 

So the expansion of conscioussness has to be experienced while we gradually get to "see" and understand the chain of causes and effects which feeds the 'dependent origination' in our individual evolution (which cannot be 'separated' from the collective karma). 

Expanding our consciousness allows us to understand the dependent origination, just as understanding the dependent origination allows us to expand consciousness.  

Two feet succeeding each other along the way. 

Regards,  Carlos.


Data:Mon, 18 Sep 2006 08:36:24 EDT

Assunto:Re: Theos-World Re: Our imagination

> Daniel, Barbara, All,
> Here are a couple of indicators:
> 1. The Buddha said, "Those who take leave of their families and leave the 
> home-life, who recognize their minds and penetrate their origin, and who 
> understand the unconditioned Dharma, are called "Shramanas." "
> 2. The Buddha said. "Shramanas who have left the home-life cut off desire, 
> renounce love, and recognize the source of their minds. they penetrate the 
> Buddha's profound principles and awaken to unconditioned Dharmas; They obtain 
> nothing internal; They seek nothing external; Their minds are not bound by the Way, 
> Nor are they tied up in karma. They are without thought and without action; 
> they neither cultivate or certify; They do not pass through the various stages 
> and yet are respected and revered. This is what is meant by the Way.
> Ref. "Sutra in Forty-Two Sections" Ch'an Master Hsuan Hua
> One might also read "The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch" and "The 
> Vimalikirti Nirdesa Sutra."
> Blanking the mind is when one emptiness all activity of the lower mind of 
> thoughts, impressions, transient arisings, reactions, attentions on the senses of 
> hearing, sight, contact etc. The mind must have zero thoughts arise and 
> should be "Blank" of content. The screen of the mind is become "the dark void" as a 
> movie theater before the movie starts.
> A simple Illustrative exorcise;
> clear the mind until it is empty of all thought or content and is the 
> dark screen. Now by your own intentional act create and image of a "cat" on the 
> dark empty screen of the prepared mind. When it is there and is seen as you 
> create it yourself acknowledge it and know that it was created new in a new 
> moment of time by you as the Being as an "Intentioned Thought" creation by 
> intentioned "will" and differs from the transient arisings of the lower mind which 
> have the characteristic of automaticy and immediate response to the stimulus of 
> the senses and origination's of the without. This is an intentioned thought 
> because it is created by direct intention of the Being apart from the conditioned 
> mind of Patanjali. When you see the image of the cat ask yourself "Who 
> created that image?"
> Madame Blavatsky also spoke of the "Seed Drop" that her Master provided to 
> her that enabled her awakening. And that she was forever grateful for this. 
> "Bhija" means "Seed." The Deer brings the Bhija and the Buddha awakened fully in 
> the Deer Park.
> John
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